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When Victoria B lived in Fairfield, her house had one of our sump pumps installed. Through all the years she lived in that house, she never saw a drop of water in the basement.  When she moved to her new home in Trumbull, and notice water in the basement, she knew just who to call to solve the problem once and for all. Once again, Larry Janesky's Connecticut Basement Systems not only delivered the products and results she expected but went beyond, providing an outstanding customer experience, from the the first call, through the sales, installation, cleanup and maintenance processes. "It's been just fabulous. From the sales man all the way down to the workers." -says Victoria
Victoria B. of Trumbull, CT
Thursday, March 19th
When Mr. and Mrs. R. from Sherman, CT called Connecticut Basement Systems to fix their flooding basement they were pleasantly surprised by the quality service they received, from beginning to end. After the first call and sales visit to the system installation and clean-up, the R. family had a chance to experience the world class customer service of Connecticut Basement Systems. They were even more impressed with the results after the job was completed. When devastating hurricanes hit the area in 2012, they lost power for three days. Yet, their basement remained dry despite the torrential rainfalls, thanks to the powerful TripleSafe sump pump system! "I have to say during that hurricane and the stress of worrying about our basement flooding was wonderful because we went down there, we checked after 3 or 4 days and that pump just kept working." -- says Mrs. R. The wake of a big storm naturally brings many concerns to any homeowner, but these Connecticut homeowners now have one last thing to worry about because their basement is fully protected, and the waterproofing system is backed by a Transferable Lifetime Warranty!
Mr and Mrs Raymond R. of Sherman, CT
Thursday, September 19th
  Tony B. was vacationing in Maui, when a Noreaster hit the East Coast flooding the basement of his former house. The house was for sale and the real estate agent in charge called him recommending Connecticut Basement Systems to solve the problem. "They did a sensational job. I didn't have any idea that the basement could be made to look that good, but they did it and they did it quickly" - he says. The house, now with a dry basement was sold, and upon moving to his new home, Tony learned that Connecticut Basement Systems was also involved with Home Performance and Energy Efficiency, through Dr. Energy Saver. So he called us again, to help him make his new home more comfortable and energy efficient. Once again he was very happy with the quality of the work and the results. "They did a terrific job. What impressed me -- and probably my wife more than me -- is that they were like invisible, they were clean." -- he explains -- "It was as good as it gets!"
Tony B. of Southbury, CT
As soon as DJ M. moved into his recently purchased Seymour, CT home he found a leak in his garage. Fortunately, one of his customers at work, happened to be Glenn K., a System Design Specialist for Connecticut Basement Systems. Through Glen, DJ learned about the services we provide, so he gave Glen a call. DJ was very distraught and very worried about the possible cost to have his garage fixed. After Glen inspected his property he sat down with DJ to go through his options. DJ was pleasantly surprised to know that not only we could fix the problem but it for much less than he thought it would cost. In this video, DJ talks about the experience not only during the sales visit, but all through the installation and completion of the project. "In a year we had a ton of rain and we haven't had any water in our garage. It is a real big relief that we don't have to worry about anything down the road." -- shay DJ
DJ M. of Seymour, CT
Monday, November 20th
Karen M.'s owns a lovely older home in Oakville, CT, with a stream that runs on the back of the property. The stone walled basement however, was not as lovely. It would leak often and over the years it flooded several times, getting up to five feet of water on one occasion. Something needed to be done, so she called Connecticut Basement Systems. In this video she talks about the experience she had with the company. "The people are wonderful, they go out of their way to make you comfortable, they don't pressure you. There's nothing bad to say about them."
Karen M. of Oakville, CT
Friday, March 17th
This happy customer used our services twice. First it was our waterproofing division to fix the basement. Then our Dr. Energy Saver Division helped make her home more comfortable and energy efficient. "They've been wonderful, picking up everything, house is tight as a drum now. Basement? No water! Fantastic because I used to get a couple of inches of water every spring."
Cindy of Colebrook, CT
Wednesday, January 29th
Kate G. from Rockville, CT had water coming into her basement that damaged her walls and carpet which left her distressed. Mold was starting to grow as a result of her wet basement. She decided to contact the waterproofing experts at Connecticut Basement Systems. In this video, Kate talks about her experiences with the company, staff and how pleased she is with the results! “I loved the way [Connecticut Basement Systems] worked, they came in here and took care of business. [Connecticut Basement Systems] did an excellent job with waterproofing my basement.” 
Kate G. of Rockville, CT
Monday, June 18th
Dan was a pleasure to have, and he explained everything really well.
Maryellen M. of Mt. Vernon, CT
Wednesday, February 13th
Rich I just wanted to take a moment to email and thank you and your company for an amazing job. The basement looks fantastic and everything has been addressed. That closed well is so much better than what I had and Garfield and his crew did a fantastic job of remedying my long standing issue. Thank you again and please pass on my thanks and praise to the powers that be. Patrick
Patrick M. of Pelham, NY
Thursday, April 2nd
Rich   I just wanted to take a moment to email and thank you and your company for an amazing job. The basement looks fantastic and everything has been addressed. That closed well is so much better than what I had and Garfield and his crew did a fantastic job of remedying my long standing issue.   Thank you again and please pass on my thanks and praise to the powers that be.   Patrick
Patrick M. of Pelham, NY
Monday, March 16th
I loved George's service. He was very kind, and very knowledgeable. 
Kim B. of Pelham, NY
Friday, August 14th
Sid and The Connecticut Basement Systems crew were top notch and very professional.
Brian B. of Bronxville, NY
Friday, June 22nd
First off, this is long overdue, but we were extremely happy with the work the team did on on our basement. The team was great and working hard to make sure everything was completed on time. Now we have an awesome space downstairs as well as an extra “bedroom”.
David M. of Eastchester, NY
Thursday, January 2nd
We bought our home in Hastings with a great deal of moisture in the basement and even spots of pooled water, particularly after the rain.  The water in the basement was almost enough to stop us from purchasing the home.  CT Basements installed French drains and the moisture system and it has made a dramatic difference.  The basement is now largely dry and accordingly it has become a more usable space.  We are grateful for the product/service they provided particularly given the lifetime warranty and knowledge that they are here if the water returns. 
Matt N. of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
Monday, April 29th
Overall very satisfied with company.  I would recommend you to my friends and family.  
Chris D. of Dobbs Ferry , NY
My wife and I recently employed Connecticut Basement Systems to do some major waterproofing work. Specifically, we had installed the WaterGuard Drainage System, TripleSafe Sump Pump, ThermalDry Flooring, Brightwall Paneling, CleanSpace and SaniDry Air System. I am happy to say that after four extremely powerful rain storms, our basement has remained bone dry! Our experience with your team has been nothing short of great, starting with Rick, who met with us back in early January. Rick's friendly and informative style instantly made us feel at ease. This was very apparent to us, especially when contrasted with some of your competitor's hard sell tactics, which completely turned us off. As the job date approached, Rick checked in with us to see if we had any questions. He also went out of his way one morning by agreeing to meet me and my contractor in Westchester to ensure that our basement was indeed ready for Basement Systems workers to begin the waterproofing process. Your team of workers were fantastic, so much so that my contractor commented that he had never seen such a thorough waterproofing job. We just wanted to say thank you, and if a prospective client needs a reference, we will be happy to speak to them on your behalf. Sincerely, Frank and Kimberly C.
Frank/Kimberly C. of East Chester, NY
Wednesday, September 7th
The whole experience was unbelievably good from start to finish. The company gave me the name of the field tech consultant at the time I made my appointment and followed up with a short biography in the mail. They also sent me a handbook educating me on basement water issues. The tech called me the night before our scheduled appointment to confirm the date and time and to give me his cell phone number. He arrived promptly and acted professionally throughout his visit. He found the most cost-effective waterproofing solution to my problem and was able to spec out my job at my house and set up a time to do the work. The crews arrived promptly, worked professionally, and left my home spotless. The job looks great, too. I can't believe that I am writing such an effusive review for a waterproofing job, but this is as close to perfect customer service as you get. I HIGHLY recommend Connecticut Basement Systems to anyone looking to solve a basement water problem!!!
Adam E. of New Rochelle, NY
Friday, November 18th
Alex and Jorge were some of the best techs I've ever had!
Ken L. of New Rochelle, NY
Wednesday, December 15th
Antonio and crew are just lovely!
Catherine V. of Eastchester, NY
Friday, September 7th
Thank you so much for your help with waterproofing our basement.  We appreciate that CT Basement Systems moved-up our project by more than 2 months.  Your crew arrived and completed the job on time. Antonio's team left the basement looking neat and clean.  The work was done well and in an efficient manner.   
Bina B. of Eastchester, NY
Tuesday, December 18th
Our experience was top notch, we had a knowledgeable professional come in and explain in detail everything they were going to do. He also explained how it was all going to work which was interesting to hear. The day of the job my wife and I were both at work. I believe the team got there at 8:30am and when I got home at 5:00 they were wrapping things up. They were very professional and did a great job cleaning up what they had done. I would recommend them to family, friends and whoever has had any problems in their basements!
John of Larchmont , NY
Wednesday, September 7th
We had a pipe leak in the basement, and a couple of people recommended Basement Systems. We got French drains and a sump pump put in. The basement is dry now, which is great. The representatives were very nice and courteous, and we had no problems with them. I also like how they follow up and remind me about their service so I can be there early, because I'd forget otherwise.
Susan of Larchmont, NY
Monday, April 18th
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