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Sump Pump Repair - Expert Diagnostics & Service in Connecticut

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Note: Once you submit your appointment request you will be contacted by a service representative to schedule your sump pump inspection.

A sump pump is there to prevent basement flooding and water damage. If there’s incoming water, the pump should begin working to redirect the water out of the basement. When your sump pump isn’t working correctly, we can help!

Here are some signs you should contact us for sump pump service:

  • Not running or running constantly
  • Loud noises, humming, or beeping
  • Musty mildew smell

How can we help?

There are lots of sump pump problems and solutions. Connecticut Basement Systems employs a full-time sump pump repair, maintenance, and service department. We also replace and install sump pumps, including battery backup systems.

Don't have a Connecticut Basement Systems Sump Pump? Not a problem! We can send a technician to your home to inspect your sump pump, diagnose the issue, and recommend a solution, no matter what brand of sump pump you have.

Protect your home with reliable sump pump repairs!

We provide sump pump diagnostics and repair services for homes throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, NY. Request help by calling us or filling out the contact form.

Are you an existing customer in need of service for your sump pump or full waterproofing system? Click here to schedule annual maintenance!

Basement Flood Protection: Get it now, or regret it later!

If you don't have a battery backup sump pump installed in your home, even a properly functioning sump pump system will fail if there's a power outage or blown fuse.

Your service visit is a great time to have a battery backup added. Ask your technician for details!

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