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Testimonials for Connecticut Basement Systems

Nadja T. had a wet and unusable basement in Middletown, CT. When the area flooded, she decided enough was enough. She wanted a dry and usable space that would add value to her home. Once she got in touch with Connecticut Basement Systems, the experts of All Things Basementy, she instantly knew she was in good hands. "This down stairs space was not usable, it use to be a struggle just to do laundry. Now, we use this space all the time, we play games, have a decent laundry room and added a small bedroom." -Nadja T. 
Nadja T. of Middletown, CT
Thursday, December 6th
One day. the furnace repair man told Priscilla T. that he was unable to service the furnace located in the basement of her New Canaan, CT home, because there was water in it. Having had a very positive previous experience as a Connecticut Basement Systems customer, in her previous home, Priscilla didn't think about calling anyone else to fix the basement in her new home. She knew she could count on great products, great service and the best warranty in the business. "Besides the wonderful products from Basement Systems, the thing that impressed me the most was the the quality of the people. From the time you call on the telephone, to the design specialist, on to the man who came out yesterday to service and for yearly inspection. Everybody is extremely courteous, very high quality people, and that makes a big difference."
Priscilla T. of New Canaan, CT
Friday, December 5th
Shortly after their wedding, Steve E.' s wife told him about the mold smell in the basement of their Ridgefield, CT home. His basement used to leak sometimes but he hadn't noticed the musty smell before. When they removed some walls to inspect, they found black mold behind them, just as his wife suspected. The couple was expecting their first child, so they needed to not only get rid of the mold, but also solve the basement leakage and humidity problem that was causing the mold to grow.While they did have a couple of other companies in mind, his business partner had recommended Connecticut Basement System so highly, he decided to give us a call. After the inspection and presentation, he was very confident that the products and solutions proposed would solve the basement problems."I had a great experience with Basement Systems, from the first person I met, until the very last part of the project." - he adds.
Steve E. of Ridgefield, CT
Wednesday, June 7th
When Victoria B lived in Fairfield, her house had one of our sump pumps installed. Through all the years she lived in that house, she never saw a drop of water in the basement.  When she moved to her new home in Trumbull, and notice water in the basement, she knew just who to call to solve the problem once and for all. Once again, Larry Janesky's Connecticut Basement Systems not only delivered the products and results she expected but went beyond, providing an outstanding customer experience, from the the first call, through the sales, installation, cleanup and maintenance processes. "It's been just fabulous. From the sales man all the way down to the workers." -says Victoria
Victoria B. of Trumbull, CT
Thursday, March 19th
When Elona L. moved into her Fairfield, CT home, she never thought she would need to have the basement redone. Over the years, however, the moisture conditions in that area kept worsening. It reached a point where her family felt they could no longer use the basement. So they decided to not only have it fixed, but refinished to increase the value of their home – and they wanted it done once, and done right. For many years, every time she mentioned her basement problems to anyone she knew, they would always recommend Connecticut Basement Systems, so she knew that when the time came to solve the problems, that was the company she would call – and so she did. In this video Elona speaks about her entire experience with the company, from the sales visit, all the way through the installation and cleanup. "We've had so many people work on hour house, we have never been impressed like this!" -- she concludes. She now has a dry and beautifully finished basement – and thanks to 100% waterproof and mold resistant Total Basement Finishing products – Elona and her family will be able to enjoy it for many years to come!
Elona L. of Fairfield, CT
Monday, April 6th
When Mr. and Mrs. R. from Sherman, CT called Connecticut Basement Systems to fix their flooding basement they were pleasantly surprised by the quality service they received, from beginning to end. After the first call and sales visit to the system installation and clean-up, the R. family had a chance to experience the world class customer service of Connecticut Basement Systems. They were even more impressed with the results after the job was completed. When devastating hurricanes hit the area in 2012, they lost power for three days. Yet, their basement remained dry despite the torrential rainfalls, thanks to the powerful TripleSafe sump pump system! "I have to say during that hurricane and the stress of worrying about our basement flooding was wonderful because we went down there, we checked after 3 or 4 days and that pump just kept working." -- says Mrs. R. The wake of a big storm naturally brings many concerns to any homeowner, but these Connecticut homeowners now have one last thing to worry about because their basement is fully protected, and the waterproofing system is backed by a Transferable Lifetime Warranty!
Mr and Mrs Raymond R. of Sherman, CT
Thursday, September 19th
Ross M. of Newtown, CT
Monday, June 20th
  Tony B. was vacationing in Maui, when a Noreaster hit the East Coast flooding the basement of his former house. The house was for sale and the real estate agent in charge called him recommending Connecticut Basement Systems to solve the problem. "They did a sensational job. I didn't have any idea that the basement could be made to look that good, but they did it and they did it quickly" - he says. The house, now with a dry basement was sold, and upon moving to his new home, Tony learned that Connecticut Basement Systems was also involved with Home Performance and Energy Efficiency, through Dr. Energy Saver. So he called us again, to help him make his new home more comfortable and energy efficient. Once again he was very happy with the quality of the work and the results. "They did a terrific job. What impressed me -- and probably my wife more than me -- is that they were like invisible, they were clean." -- he explains -- "It was as good as it gets!"
Tony B. of Southbury, CT
As soon as DJ M. moved into his recently purchased Seymour, CT home he found a leak in his garage. Fortunately, one of his customers at work, happened to be Glenn K., a System Design Specialist for Connecticut Basement Systems. Through Glen, DJ learned about the services we provide, so he gave Glen a call. DJ was very distraught and very worried about the possible cost to have his garage fixed. After Glen inspected his property he sat down with DJ to go through his options. DJ was pleasantly surprised to know that not only we could fix the problem but it for much less than he thought it would cost. In this video, DJ talks about the experience not only during the sales visit, but all through the installation and completion of the project. "In a year we had a ton of rain and we haven't had any water in our garage. It is a real big relief that we don't have to worry about anything down the road." -- shay DJ
DJ M. of Seymour, CT
Monday, November 20th
Blair S. of Woodbridge, CT
Monday, June 20th
Karen M.'s owns a lovely older home in Oakville, CT, with a stream that runs on the back of the property. The stone walled basement however, was not as lovely. It would leak often and over the years it flooded several times, getting up to five feet of water on one occasion. Something needed to be done, so she called Connecticut Basement Systems. In this video she talks about the experience she had with the company. "The people are wonderful, they go out of their way to make you comfortable, they don't pressure you. There's nothing bad to say about them."
Karen M. of Oakville, CT
Friday, March 17th
The homeowner knew of Connecticut Basement Systems from owner, Larry Janesky, who was a frequent customer at their deli. After a visit from sales consultant, Bill Caple, the resident was ready to install the SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier and Aspen Air Purifier. The installation crew was able to guide this resident step by step with everything they were doing. After installing the air purifier in the house the resident was able to tell a difference within 24 hours. Along with the dehumidifier installed in the basement, they were able to tell a difference in a matter of minutes.   The resident was finally able to breathe better and even smell a difference in their home with their allergies gone. Furthermore, the resident was pleased to know they no longer had to empty the water bucket constantly. 
Cassandra L. of Waterbury, CT
Friday, May 26th
This happy customer used our services twice. First it was our waterproofing division to fix the basement. Then our Dr. Energy Saver Division helped make her home more comfortable and energy efficient. "They've been wonderful, picking up everything, house is tight as a drum now. Basement? No water! Fantastic because I used to get a couple of inches of water every spring."
Cindy of Colebrook, CT
Wednesday, January 29th
This customers' new condo in Old Saybrook, CT had waterproofing issues and they chose Connecticut Basement Systems to install a new sump pump. Our team installed the SuperSump Plus. The new sump pump now gives peace of mind when there are heavy rains. 
Alex T. of Old Saybrook, CT
Thursday, June 8th
Kate G. from Rockville, CT had water coming into her basement that damaged her walls and carpet which left her distressed. Mold was starting to grow as a result of her wet basement. She decided to contact the waterproofing experts at Connecticut Basement Systems. In this video, Kate talks about her experiences with the company, staff and how pleased she is with the results! “I loved the way [Connecticut Basement Systems] worked, they came in here and took care of business. [Connecticut Basement Systems] did an excellent job with waterproofing my basement.” 
Kate G. of Rockville, CT
Monday, June 18th
We had a pipe leak in the basement, and a couple of people recommended Basement Systems. We got French drains and a sump pump put in. The basement is dry now, which is great. The representatives were very nice and courteous, and we had no problems with them. I also like how they follow up and remind me about their service so I can be there early, because I'd forget otherwise.
Susan of Larchmont, NY
Monday, April 18th
I'm extremely happy with Alberto's professionalism, knowledge, and results!
John B. of Stamford, CT
Thursday, April 21st
Ferdinand was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions to my full satisfaction. He took as much time as was necessary to explain to me in detail how he would approach the problem. I chose you guys because of your companies reputation, and my contractor recommended you guys and I am so grateful for it. 
Ed N. of Westport, CT
Monday, June 13th
We have been clients with CT basement/ Dr. Energy Saver for a few years at our home in Weston. I called in twice on Monday in a bit of a panic-there was an awful smell in the basement that was getting progressively worse  over the past few days and we didn’t hear the pumps running. The second time I called, I we hadn’t heard pumps running at all that day and combined with the smell-we were naturally growing more concerned about water! I spoke to Ben who did an awesome job of trying to help and promised to try and fit me in ASAP and that he would call me in the am which he did! Was so appreciative of him and his follow through.   Brandon was our technician and he was absolutely fantastic. He was very professional, knowledgeable and explained what he believed was the problem and promptly fixed it! He was so efficient and pleasant!   Just wanted to pass along some praise for two fantastic employees, Ben and Brandon, who helped calm our worst homeowner fears and saved the day!
Amy K. of Weston, CT
Wednesday, December 2nd
We needed Basement Systems' service because we have water damage in the lower level of the basement. We initially got the water tracking system around the perimeter of the family room and also the sump pump, and about a year after that, they did the walls and the floors to their walls. It has all been very favorable. They always clean up after themselves. We haven’t had any water since they replaced the sump pump and they put in the tracking system. The quality of the work was excellent and the amount of time the job was done was better than any contractor we've ever had.
Rebecca L. of Monroe, CT
Monday, April 18th
We called Connecticut Basement, got a quote, and got work done because it was a lot less expensive as I thought it would be. They put in a track system along the back of the foundation between two sump pumps. It was something that we had to do because we've been in the house since '86, and it would not be a good selling point. We had to take care and fix the problem to get to enjoy it before we sell it. Somebody came out and did all the layout. We thought we had an issue after and it just turned out that the concrete had not cured all the way. They did the work on Thursday, and then Saturday we had a torrential rain, so we had a little moisture. But we've had heavy rain since and everything is fantastic. I would recommend them.
George of Monroe, CT
Friday, March 18th
Testimonial Photo by Cyriac M.
Mr. Larry Janesky, We would like to extend our appreciation for the professionalism and integrity of CT Basement Systems honoring your warranty and work. A few years ago, Christ the Redeemer Church in Milford had CT Basement Systems install a waterproofing system in the Rectory of our church. Over the past, the basement has remained dry and the system appeared to function well. This spring, we have had severe rains and the original system was unable to handle the volume of water and the basement had sever flooding again. After an initial consultation and evaluation, we had a second meeting with your technician who revaluated the original design and upon seeing the flooding condition increased the drainage and pumping capacity of the system under the warranty. Considerable work and expansion of the system was required and was performed under warranty by your company. After the modifications, we inspected the basement repairs and are very happy with the quality of work performed in a professional manner. Hopefully, this has fully controlled the problem, only time will tell.  In today's business world and climate, it is good to see a company that stands behinds its work and honors its warranty. We just wanted to thank you and extend our appreciation for a job well done. Yours truly, Christ the Redeemer Parish Council 
Cyriac M. of Milford, CT
Tuesday, June 13th
Testimonial Photo by Bob and Nancy G.
Dear Mr. Janesky, We recently had perimeter waterproofing, floors, walls, and ceiling done to out basement. The finished product looks amazing. While all the workers were efficient and friendly, there was one employee, Ailton Dos Santos, who made it all possible. We are both senior citizens and couldn’t have prepared the rooms for the work ourselves. Without Ailton’s help, we couldn’t have done the project. He went way beyond his regular duties to help us. He is a great representative of your company. We would highly recommend Basement Systems to our friends and family because of him. Sincerely, Nancy & Bob Garofalo
Bob and Nancy G. of Ansonia, CT
Monday, July 20th
Mike was excellent! He answered all of our questions and was extremely helpful. His friendly attitude and his knowledge of the job was superb to say the least! I had no doubt having Connecticut Basement Systems do the job at my home as I have witnessed 'first hand' the tremendous job they have done for the company I work for. As Director of Operations and Officer of our company I would not hesitate to have Connecticut Basement System do their job at my home.
Linda C. of Seymour, CT
Tuesday, December 20th
We have a wet basement and purchased waterproofing and a foundation repair from Basement Systems. They were considerably better quality, and had a more thorough treatment. The other company that gave us their estimate didn't address everything and didn't understand the problem. The service was done in two stages. The installation crew was very courteous and explained things to us. Glen whom we worked with to get the estimate and evaluation was helpful. He customized what we needed and prioritized some of things to do. Our basement is a lot drier now and we can tell almost immediately that the floor wasn't as bouncy, just by the way the doors shut. The work took effect fast.
Cindy of Litchfield, CT
Thursday, March 24th
I got tired of vacuuming up the mess at my basement, trying every possible way to solve the problem myself. I went to Connecticut Basement Systems and their methods were definitely working. The price was also reasonable. I used them in my house and in a house my dad owns. In both houses, they did the wall covering, floor drains, pumping system outside and dehumidifiers. They also added new basement windows at my dad's project. The installation team was great. It was the same people in every instance. They were helpful, fast and knew what they were doing. They're tidy freaks -- because at my dad’s project, there was a bunch of stuff that I had shoved in the middle of the room, and when they were all done with the project, everything was neatly piled. I no longer have water and no humidity issue and I now have a usable space. Basement Systems did a simple, un-invasive and effective work.
Karen of Middletown, CT
Friday, March 18th
I had heard of Connecticut Basement, they did a lot of advertising. I checked some of the referrals and they sent us a pretty detailed documentation of what they were going to do and I was impressed with them as a company. I liked that they were a state-based privately-owned company. Then, I bought a dehumidifier and a drainage system from them and then we had a gentleman, who sent us his contact information, came to talk to us about the installation and he was the one that did the estimating. We're very impressed with him, he understood what he was doing and then the folks that came in and did the work, it was immaculate. Now, my basement is cooler and drier, and smells different, it's something we should have done quite a while ago. We've been in the house almost 40 years and we had this problem of having a flooded basement intermittently and I'm very happy we took care of it finally. We're very very pleased with both the process and the results.
Bonnie B. of Bloomfield, CT
Monday, April 18th
Testimonial Photo by MaryAnne D.
Dear Mr. Janesky,  I live in house built in the 1800’s which had a very damp basement with mushrooms sprouting out of the wall in the oldest part of the basement which took on the name “the dungeon.” Although I worked hard to minimize the mold and musty odors in my basement, after 23 years I got tired of finding alternative locations to store my seasonal clothing and keepsakes. As a results, in March 2017 I googled “dry basements” and the Connecticut Basement Systems website popped up. I scheduled an appointment with Don Godbout and together we reviewed the brochures and selected products which would correct the unhealthy conditions in my basement and provide me with additional storage space I needed. The moisture barrier, dehumidifier, sump pump, and 3 new windows brightened the basement and it is no longer referred to as “the dungeon”! On hot days. my dog finds solitude laying down on the cool basement floor while I do the laundry. Sydney and his crew worked hard prepping the basement and conducting the work. I no longer have evidence of mice and spiders dwelling in my basement. Foam was sprayed between the floor joists to make my basement energy efficient. This spring was a very wet season and I am grateful that I had the work conducted when I did. The musty odor is gone and the basement no longer has a dank setting. On July 5th, 2017, Mr. Godbout did a follow up visit to check out the work conducted, he even commented that the basement had no musty odor that he recalled on his original visit. I mentioned that down the road, if i ever were to move this would be a great selling feature. I would highly recommend the Connecticut Basement Systems to others.  Sincerely a very satisfied customer,   MaryAnne D., Windsor Locks, CT
MaryAnne D. of Windsor Locks, CT
Wednesday, July 12th
Testimonial Photo by Linda W.
As promised, I am writing this testimonial letter on behalf of Connecticut Basement Systems.  My first experience with CBS was in June 2016 when I had a TripleSafe waterproofing system installed. After 30 years of living in my home, I was very skeptical if it would work. The crew arrived, led by the longest employee of CBS, and they worked thoroughly and professionally all day to complete the work. The basement was in pristine condition when they left. As part of this job, rim joist insulation was also blown in. This year, the same crew returned to install a SaniDry Upright dehumidification system, five new basement windows (two with sunhouse enclosures), and a new basement door leading to the bulkhead. They also relocated the discharge pipe from the waterproofing system because it interfered with a cement slab I was having poured for a set of stairs leading from the new deck I had installed. I cannot say enough about the positive experience I had dealing with Connecticut Basement Systems. I am extremely happy with all the products installed. I have not had one drop of water in my basement. I would wholeheartedly recommend Connecticut Basement Systems to anyone for their basement needs. 
Linda W. of Hebron, CT
Tuesday, June 27th
Our sales person gave me his cell number and checked on us during a really wet few days. He even responded to me at like 9:00pm when I texted that I was panicking about rising water. He was calm and just told me what I had to do. He worked to get our month long wait time for installation moved ahead. Unfortunately it only ended up being several days earlier then expected but still earlier. The lead guy was extremely friendly and made me feel very confident. He was honest and apologetic about the oil burner not working after the line was manipulated during work. He advised me what to do and waited for me to call our service provider (a huge snow storm was heading our way the next day!). Our oil company came a few hours later and all was a quick fix. Very pleased they did not leave my family without heat and hot water... Some would have to escape the responsibility. The team also spent time in the front yard to fix tire tracks made by their truck. Really just a very cohesive, polite, and very efficient team. I have already brought the company up to several friends that are having basement blues.
Margaret of New London, CT
Wednesday, March 16th
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