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Basement Waterproofing Customer Testimonial from Mr./Mrs. Jared K. in East Hartford, CT

Lynn & Jared K. from East Hartford, CT wrote:

Dear Mr. Janesky:

My husband and I write to you today to comment on the service we received from day one with your company.

Let me give you a little background. We have lived in our house for five years. Five wet tiresome years. We had our first episode three days after we moved into this house. We spent endless hours and phone calls to try to resolve this problem. We had engineers, top in the business, we had water experts, years in the field, not one single person had a direct answer to why this was happening. They did have one common conclusion though, THIS WAS A BIG JOB. They would have to dig up the entire house, put in drains, 3-4 pumps etc. This was to the tune of $20 - 25,000.00. This was not feasible.

We continued to get water. We would manually pump, bail, pray and loose sleep. Two months ago we a storm with torrential rains, we got hammered. The water was so bad we had to call the Fire Department and shut down our furnace.  We were at the end of our rope. The following day I called Basement Systems the staff was courteous and had a sales representative, Rainer returned my call promptly. We scheduled an appointment. He came to our home and in twenty minutes closed the deal. He called me the next morning as promised with an installation date. Three weeks later the men arrived on time and did a spectacular job.

We have since had two occasions since the job was completed that we know we would have had water but our finished rec room remains dry as a bone. It has already saved us time, money and aggravation.

I would like to close by saying, Jared and I own our own company. We service clients on a daily basis. It was refreshing to do business with a company that was servicing us with the same value and respect as we service our clients. This is very rare today.

Please keep up the excellent job you are doing.

Thank you

Mrs. & Mrs. Jared K.

East Hartford, CT

- Mr./Mrs. Jared K. of East Hartford, CT
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