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Basement Finishing Before & After Photos

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TBF Transformation in Brookfield, CT

This Brookfield, CT basement was cold and unwelcoming, and only used for storage. To maximize the basement's potential, the owners of this home contacted us about finishing the space. We installed ThermalDry floor tiles, which both look great and keep the floor 8-10 degrees warmer than the concrete beneath it. We also put in EverLast wall panels and a drop ceiling with no-sag tiles to create a long-lasting, beautiful finished basement! 

Elite Plank Flooring Installation in Stratford, CT

There was seepage taking over the floor of Marcia K's basement, and she wanted to do something about it. She gave us a call at Connecticut Basement Systems, and we were happy to come out, and see how we could help her.

One of our System Design Specialists, Ferdinand Gojani, came out, and quickly surveyed the damage of her floors. After we addressed the seepage for Marcia, she asked us to install our ELITE Plank Flooring. Our expert foreman, Chavon Bowman, came out, and quickly got to work. Elite Plank Flooring is made from completely inorganic material, meaning its not susceptible to water or mold damage. They are insulated, so they create a thermal break which feel as much as 10 degrees warmer than the floor below it. It is also available in a darker and lighter shade, so you can pick what works best for your basement!

Marcia now has beautiful new floors, and we were happy to help her! Call us TODAY for your FREE flooring estimate!

Before and After in Milford, CT

This Total Basement Finishing Job was completed in Milford, CT. This remodel created a new, dry, waterproofed space for the kids to play in. Not only did we add flooring, new lights, wall panels, but we made these stairs safer and more aesthetically appealing.

Sun House Window Well in Milford, CT

When a basement window has an insufficient window well, it can cause a lot of obstruction with dirt and debris. This obstruction can deter light from entering the basement and it is unappealing to look at from the outside. The homeowner wanted to install a window well that would protect their brand new windows. Connecticut Basement Systems was more than happy to provide a solution.

The solution was to install a Sun House window well. Our Sun House window well is superior compared to others because it is made from a durable, high-strength plastic that will never rust, deteriorate or require painting. The solid base keeps the well clean and prevents weeds from growing on the window well floor. This is exactly what the homeowner wanted and the difference is incredible! 

EverLast Half Wall Restoration and ThermalDry Flooring in Milford, CT

This Milford, CT home had a basement that had insufficient walls and flooring. The bottom half of the walls were affected by water damage and the floors were cold and uncomfortable. Wanting a solution, the homeowner decided to contact the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems.

The solution was to install EverLast half wall restoration and ThermalDry tiles. The EverLast half wall restoration system is mold and water resistant which is ideal for any basement. ThermalDry flooring is attractive and has a warmer footing compared to traditional concrete making it more comfortable for all to enjoy. The transformation is incredible! 

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