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A basement floor should be beautiful, durable, easy to clean and immune to damage from moisture & mold.

Installing flooring in your basement is not like installing flooring in your upstairs living space. Because the basement is vulnerable to humidity from the concrete below, it's important that your flooring will not be damaged by moisture. As Connecticut's basement expert, Connecticut Basement Systems provides solutions designed to isolate your floor surface from the cold, hard, damp concrete. We don't just install beautiful basement floors - we make basement floors dryer and more comfortable too! 

If you're considering turning your basement into a living space for you and your family to enjoy, solving the problem of the cold, damp floor is the most important part of that transformation.

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Install a floor covering in your basement that's made to last

Our basement-friendly floors transform cold, damp, hard concrete floors into beautiful, dry, comfortable floors. Unlike carpet and hardwood flooring, these flooring products are made from inorganic materials that will not be damaged by moisture or allow mold growth.

We offer basement floor coverings in a variety of colors and styles. Click below to learn more about the specific flooring products that we install.

pro comfort carpeting in finished basement

pro comfort basement carpeting

Pro Comfort Carpeting

Pro Comfort Carpeting is a completely inorganic carpet and is the only completely waterproof basement carpeting available.

Advantages over traditional carpeting:

  • Adds warmth and comfort to basement floors.
  • Modular design allows for easy replacement of any damaged or worn sections.
  • Made from 100% inorganic materials and completely resistant to mold and mildew.

Basement Flooring in a home in Milford, Connecticut

ThermalDry® tiled basement flooring

ThermalDry® Modular Flooring

ThermalDry® basement floor tiles are engineered for basement environments. ThermalDry® Basement Flooring is a versatile solution for your cold, damp concrete floor. ThermalDry® Flooring is available in four styles: carpeted, wood, tiled and unfinished. The neutral colors will match any home decor and the carpeted and tiled styles can be mixed for a unique look.

Advantages over traditional tile, carpet & wood flooring:

  • Thermal break from the cold slab makes the floor surface up to 10 degrees warmer.
  • Grid design stops water vapor from getting trapped under your finished floor, preventing odors and mold.
  • All ThermalDry® floor systems are inorganic and will not support mold grow, rot or buckle.
  • Interlocking modular design makes it easy to remove and replace individual tiles.

Protect your carpet from mold with specially-designed subflooring

These specially-designed subfloor systems insulate and separate the finished flooring from the cold, damp concrete slab. Choose these solutions to prolong the life of your basement carpet and for a warmer, more comfortable floor.

Insulated basement subflooring

Insulated floor decking product

ThermalDry® Insulated Floor Decking™

ThermalDry® Insulated Floor Decking™ is an innovative basement subfloor that combines insulation with inorganic, water-resistant flooring.

Advantages over wood subflooring:

  • Made from 100% inorganic material -- completely resistant to mold and moisture.
  • Layer of rigid foam insulation keeps floors warms.
  • Low profile creates more headroom than built up subflooring.

Basement Wood Flooring installed in Simsbury, Connecticut

ThermalDry® basement subflooring

ThermalDry® Basement Floor Matting

ThermalDry® technology isn’t just used in our unique line of finished basement flooring. The same square, interlocking tile design can be applied to basement subfloor matting. These grey matting tiles provide a perfect subfloor when installing carpeting in your basement. 

Advantages over wood subfloor:

  • 100% waterproof and immune to mold damage.
  • Unfinished surface ready for wall-to-wall carpet installations.
  • Provides an airspace under carpet to prevent water vapor from getting trapped.
  • Protect stored items from the damp concrete floor in an unfinished space.

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