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Finished Wall Restoration System

A leaky basement is bad enough -- but when you've already finished the space, the problem is much worse! If this is an issue with your home, we have the perfect product for you.

Conventional drywall is made with gypsum and an organic paper facing, both of which can be severely weakened and damaged by water and moisture in a wet basement environment.

When drywall becomes damaged, repairing it with new drywall can be a messy and expensive process -- one that you may have to perform again and again as your basement floods repeatedly.

A smarter choice for basement walls: EverLast™ Wall Panels, which don’t require taping, spackling, sanding or paint and can’t be damaged by moisture and mold. 

Drywall costs more than you think

Drywall is cheap to buy, but very expensive to install, especially in the basement. Here’s why: The process of installing the drywall, taping and spackling joints, covering screws, sanding dried compound and applying primer and finish coats will take at least several days and many hours of labor. When you’re done, you still have a material that can be ruined by moisture and mold.

We've adapted our durable, waterproof basement wall panels into an innovative new drywall repair system. This wall system is designed with metal studs, an inorganic base molding, and our decorative chair rail, which combine for a long-lasting solution.

Benefits of the EverLast™ wall restoration system:

  • Ready to use and maintenance-free, with no painting required.
  • 197% stronger than drywall and stud construction methods.
  • Installed with a stylish chair rail and base molding.
  • Durable and highly dent-resistant.
  • Cannot be damaged by moisture and will not support mold or mildew growth.


Wall Panel Thickness: ½" thick cementitious board

Material: Each panel is designed with a ½" cementitious wallboard with a vinyl surface treatment.

Strength: 197% stronger than studded drywall.

Installation: Installation is completed within a week

Warranty: Includes a written 50-year warranty


Research has found off-white and beige to be the most popular wall colors on the market. The EverLast™ Wall Restoration System combines those two colors into an attractive, subtle design that's timeless and complimentary to any type of furniture and décor.

Everlast™ basement wall color

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Installing this system includes cutting the existing drywall and studs. Installation of a drainage system should be completed before the EverLast™ Wall Restoration System is put in place so that your carpet and stored possessions are protected from flooding issues. Once the perimeter drainage system's concrete has dried, the installation is completed within a week's time.

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