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Basement Finishing Before & After Photos

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SunHouse Installation in Trumbull, CT

Before, the window well on the side of this home was an eyesore for these Trumbull, CT homeowners. The flimsy plastic cover had bent and warped over time, letting in a mess of water, leaves, and weeds. This caused the metal window well to grow dirty and rusty, and reduced the amount of natural light that could enter the basement.

Now, the window well sits subtly on the side of the house, free of dirt, mud and other debris. To transform this aspect of the home, our skilled foreman, Marcial Lopez, replaced the homeowners’ traditional metal window well with our SunHouse Basement Window Enclosure. SunHouse enclosures feature a durable plastic cover to keep outside forces away from your basement windows, ensuring a more pleasant view from both inside and outside the home. Unlike other window well designs, the SunHouse enclosure has a light-colored bottom, which allows more sunlight to bounce into the basement, maximizing natural light in the homeowner’s below-ground living space. 

Although this was just one piece of a larger home improvement project, the homeowners took notice of their window well transformation, and now enjoy the many positive impacts that this SunHouse Enclosure has made on their home.

Hawleyville basement transformation!

Photos of a beautifully refinished basement in Hawleyville, CT!

Basement Transformation in Newtown, CT

When we arrived at this Newtown basement, it was damp and moldy. Every time it rained, water would seep into the room. We first waterproofed the space, then used our finishing products to transform it into a useable living space. We installed BrightWall wall paneling and ThermalDry flooring. In addition to providing the room with a clean, finished look, BrightWall panels keep humidity and water vapor from passing into the room. The ThermalDry tiles keep the basement floor 8 to 10 degrees warmer than the concrete beneath! The owners of this Newtown home now enjoy a bright, dry, finished basement living space!

Basement to Beautiful Wall Panels in Brookfield, CT

The owners of this home wanted to insulate their finished basement. However, the “old-school” approach to insulating basement walls (with fiberglass batts and wood studs) isn’t a smart investment because wood framing and fiberglass insulation will absorb basement moisture and attract mold. Damp, compressed fiberglass loses its insulating value. Basement-to-Beautiful™ wall panels provide a longer-lasting, superior alternative to this. Basement to Beautiful panels enable your contractor to install insulation, wall framing and wiring chases in a single step. Vertical steel nailing flanges take the place of wood studs, enabling you to install finished wall paneling. The SilverGlo® rigid foam insulation we use in our panels will never absorb moisture, lose R-value or fall out of place like fiberglass can. The Basement to Beautiful wall panels made this basement warmer and saved the owners money!

Basement to Beautiful Wall Panels Installed in Brookfield, CT

Basement-to-Beautiful™ wall panels provide a longer-lasting, superior alternative to insulating basement walls with wood studs and fiberglass batts. Unlike other wall systems, our Basement to Beautiful panels were designed for one purpose only –to provide the best value and performance as a basement wall system. The graphite-infused SilverGlo insulation we use has 24% greater insulation value than standard expanded polystyrene foam.

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