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Basement Waterproofing Customer Testimonial from Ned and Janet Z. in Bedford, NY

I am writing about our experience with CT Basement's Triple Safe sump system. It's been fantastic, especially through the Nor'easters of the past two weeks and I wanted to convey to you what a lifesaver the product really is.

Context: a year ago, we had a major flood in our basement following a sump pump failure on a rainy, rotten winter night. Floods are miserable and ours was no different. Our alarm system flagged the problem at 3 am in the morning but we really had no way to stop the impending flood without a spare sump pump. And flood it did. A foot of water everywhere before we could get help to the house.  

After the cleanup, my wife Janet (who is in the construction design business) had randomly gotten a CT Basement recommendation from one of her contractors. 

Additional wrinkles in our story are 1) the water table on our property had moved / risen over time such that the pump would run every 10-15 minutes rain or shine 2) our country home often loses power from weather related storm damage and d) we had not (yet) invested in a full house generator. 

And so rather than just replace the sump pump and hope, we elected to spend the extra money for the Triple Safe solution which included a battery back-up. 

We made it through the first Nor'easter last week ok but the 15 inches of snow was too much for the neighborhood grid. We lost power, as did most of the neighborhood. Thankfully, the battery powered Triple Safe kicked in immediately and ran successfully for two full days until power was restored. And, in the context of our active sump, the back-up ran on battery power every 45 secs for 2-3 seconds for 48 hours straight -- keeping the basement high and dry.

As an aside, I also drove to your first-class facilities in Seymour to buy another , battery from Brian Hammock, the CT tech, (who really ever knows how long it will take to restore power!!) and learned that a two or three battery configuration can be a part of the installation. Brian also walked me through the (easy) battery switch process in the event I had actually needed it. 

Anyway, I can't recommend the product (and your company's service) enough, especially for generator-less folks like ourselves. It was a life saver and we really appreciate the innovation of the CT Basement solution.  


Very very best,

Ned and Janet Zachar Bedford, NY

- Ned and Janet Z. of Bedford, NY
Monday, March 19th
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