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Basement Waterproofing Customer Testimonial from Thomas/Eileen C. in Danbury, CT

Thomas & Eileen C. from Danbury, CT writes:

Dear Jeff,

Enclosed is our signed proposal and check of deposit for waterproofing our basement. The work is currently scheduled. We believe that basement water problems are a barrier to the sale of our home. Tanya advised us that we will have priority on your "move up list."

We do appreciate your willingness to discuss the details of your methodology and the specifics of the solution you have designed for us with prospective buyers at our request.  Some potential buyers have gone as far as bringing in their own expert and then have acknowledged that our choice of your company is in fact the best way to go.

We know it is the only way to go. No other solution or provider has included a warranty for the life of the house. Homes offered at any price, anywhere, that have never had problems cannot be guaranteed to be free of water problems forever. The person who does purchase our home will have this guarantee and the benefit of peace-of-mind that goes along with it.

We're anxious to get on with this work.

Yours truly,

Thomas & Eileen C.

Danbury, CT

- Thomas/Eileen C. of Danbury, CT
Wednesday, September 7th