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Basement Waterproofing Customer Testimonial from Patrick R. in Croton on Hudson, NY

To Lawrence Janesky,

I am writing this email to praise Basement Systems on two fronts. But first let me tell you our story.

After living in our new house for the past 4.5 years with hardly a drop of water in our unfinished basement, we discovered water flooding in at a rate of 10 gallons an hour through every part of the basement perimeter. Naturally we were stressed and baffled and called everyone we could think of including plumbers, excavators, roofers, basement specialists etc. One of the many calls we made was to Basement Systems and it was three weeks for a first time estimate appointment. After applying 6 gallons of hydraulic cement we were able to reduce the flood to a few gallons an hour but we were still frantic to find a solution quickly. Due to the wait for an appointment we wrote off your company as one of the contenders for a solution.

After having several basement waterproofing companies visit our home, and after giving a deposit to one of them, we read through the Dry Basement Science book you had sent us through the mail. This very well written and descriptive book put a lot of things in perspective for us and gave us a new light on some of the things the other basement companies had said in their presentations. One of the things I especially valued in your book were the concentration on the technology of your solution vs the other companies concentration on how often they were praised and by whom.

It was really the receipt of the Dry Basement Science book alone that caused us to reevaluate your company as a contender. We purposely sought your company out at a booth at the Home Expo at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY last weekend to see what you had to say and whether you might be persuaded to come out earlier to visit our home.  At the Home Expo we had the pleasure to meet with Jeff Nelson who was very helpful in his description of your system and your company. Even better, was that Jeff agreed to make a personal visit to our house that same evening, a Sunday night, after the expo was over! This visit combined with Jeff's superb demeanor and knowledge convinced us to choose your company over the company we had already given a deposit to. In addition, we later learned that Jeff was able to give us a very early date to implement the proposed solution.

In summary, I would like to praise you for the book you have written, for the willingness to send it through the mail before we had seen anyone from your company, and for retaining excellent staff such as Jeff Nelson.


Patrick V.

- Patrick R. of Croton on Hudson, NY
Wednesday, September 7th