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Basement Waterproofing Customer Testimonial from Anne I. in Greenwich, CT

Dear Mr. Janesky,

Thank you for sending Rainer Finke to assess my basement water problem. Within one hour he figured out the source of the water that countless other consultants, engineers and contractors had not been able to figure out in ten years!

After carefully listening to my description of the problem and studying the area, he determined that the water was entering through a window that was about ten feet away from where the water was coming across the floor. However, there had never been any physical evidence of the water entering, because it was traveling down the exterior wall and across the floor behind the drywall. Because it was being held back by ceramic tile, it continued traveling until it reached the carpet, where it could flow freely. Rainer's problem solving skills and professionalism did not end with identifying what he believed the problem to be.  He was determined to test his theory, so he ran a hose by the window well and sure enough, the water did just what he hypothesized it would!

Subsequent to identifying the problem, Rainer explained in detail how to solve it.

I know my letter is yet another in your vast collection of testimonials, however, I learned today that they are all well deserved.

Gratefully yours,

Anne I.

- Anne I. of Greenwich, CT
Wednesday, September 7th
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