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  • By Jim B.
    Greenwich, CT

    "Sidney and crew were very very professional clean, neat and knew actually what to do with out any direction"

    Customer Review

    By Jim B.
    Greenwich, CT

    Sidney and crew were very very professional clean, neat and knew actually what to do with out any direction

  • By Karen M.
    Oakville, CT

    "All the guys were great, but especially Kevon who saw me shoveling snow and took the shovel and finished for me. He didn't want a..."

    Customer Review

    By Karen M.
    Oakville, CT

    All the guys were great, but especially Kevon who saw me shoveling snow and took the shovel and finished for me. He didn't want a tip, but I absolutely insisted. He did not have to go out of his way to do that. I was very impressed. He's a keeper.

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  • "I am writing about our experience with CT Basement's Triple Safe sump system. It's been fantastic, especially..." Read Full Testimonial

    Ned and Janet Z. of Bedford, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              I am writing about our experience with CT Basement's Triple Safe sump system. It's been fantastic, especially through the Nor'easters of the past two weeks and I wanted to convey to you what a lifesaver the product really is. Context: a year ago, we had a major flood in our basement following a sump pump failure on a rainy, rotten winter night. Floods are miserable and ours was no different. Our alarm system flagged the problem at 3 am in the morning but we really had no way to stop the impending flood without a spare sump pump. And flood it did. A foot of water everywhere before we could get help to the house. After the cleanup, my wife Janet (who is in the construction design business) had randomly gotten a CT Basement recommendation from one of her contractors. Additional wrinkles in our story are 1) the water table on our property had moved / risen over time such that the pump would run every 10-15 minutes rain or shine 2) our country home often loses power from weather related storm damage and d) we had not (yet) invested in a full house generator. And so rather than just replace the sump pump and hope, we elected to spend the extra money for the Triple Safe solution which included a battery back-up. We made it through the first Nor'easter last week ok but the 15 inches of snow was too much for the neighborhood grid. We lost power, as did most of the neighborhood. Thankfully, the battery powered Triple Safe kicked in immediately and ran successfully for two full days until power was restored. And, in the context of our active sump, the back-up ran on battery power every 45 secs for 2-3 seconds for 48 hours straight -- keeping the basement high and dry. As an aside, I also drove to your first-class facilities in Seymour to buy another , battery from Brian Hammock, the CT tech, (who really ever knows how long it will take to restore power!!) and learned that a two or three battery configuration can be a part of the installation. Brian also walked me through the (easy) battery switch process in the event I had actually needed it. Anyway, I can't recommend the product (and your company's service) enough, especially for generator-less folks like ourselves. It was a life saver and we really appreciate the innovation of the CT Basement solution. Very very best, Ned and Janet Zachar Bedford, NY
    Ned and Janet Z.
    Bedford, NY
  • "Don spent over three hours to thoroughly examine our energy needs." Read Full Testimonial

    Joe K. of Fairfield, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Don spent over three hours to thoroughly examine our energy needs.
    Joe K.
    Fairfield, CT
  • "All said and done, I am happy with the project. Wish I had called sooner. Everyone I worked with was..." Read Full Testimonial

    Lorraine B. of Southington, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              To Whom It May Concern: After procrastinating for several years, I made the call to Connecticut Basement Systems. They took all my information and set up an appointment for someone to come assess my situation and give an estimate. An information package arrived along with the sales representative’s profile and credential sheet. The day of the appointment, I received a call a half an hour prior to Don Godbout’s arrival. He arrived with a couple brief cases of product and materials. I explained what was going on and wanted to accomplish with the basement. We went downstairs and took a look. After assessing the situation, Don gave his presentation. He had several products to offer: windows, dehumidifiers, insulation, etc. I told him exactly what I wanted and he concentrated on just that – the de-watering system. He was not a pushy sales person as most are. Don then went downstairs, took some measurements and photos for estimate. While going through this process, I was able to ask many questions and got detailed answers. If Don did not know he made a phone call and got my answers. We went back upstairs and Don worked through the numbers and gave a price. After some thought, I agreed. Don worked up all the paperwork, set a date for installation … deal done! After he left that Saturday, I had some other questions. So, I called him Sunday AM. I caught him going into church with his family. Don was very courteous and took my call. The installation crew also gave a half an hour heads up prior to arrival. The foreman introduced himself and they immediately went to work. I figured at least a couple days work but – entire project was completed right down to clean up in 1 day!! All said and done, I am happy with the project. Wish I had called sooner. Everyone I worked with was informative and professional. Don and Connecticut Basement Systems did what they said they would. I would do business again. Sincerely yours, Lorraine Bonomi
    Lorraine B.
    Southington, CT
  • "This spring was a very wet season and I am grateful that I had the work conducted when I did. The musty odor..." Read Full Testimonial

    MaryAnne D. of Windsor Locks, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Dear Mr. Janesky, I live in house built in the 1800’s which had a very damp basement with mushrooms sprouting out of the wall in the oldest part of the basement which took on the name “the dungeon.” Although I worked hard to minimize the mold and musty odors in my basement, after 23 years I got tired of finding alternative locations to store my seasonal clothing and keepsakes. As a results, in March 2017 I googled “dry basements” and the Connecticut Basement Systems website popped up. I scheduled an appointment with Don Godbout and together we reviewed the brochures and selected products which would correct the unhealthy conditions in my basement and provide me with additional storage space I needed. The moisture barrier, dehumidifier, sump pump, and 3 new windows brightened the basement and it is no longer referred to as “the dungeon”! On hot days. my dog finds solitude laying down on the cool basement floor while I do the laundry. Sydney and his crew worked hard prepping the basement and conducting the work. I no longer have evidence of mice and spiders dwelling in my basement. Foam was sprayed between the floor joists to make my basement energy efficient. This spring was a very wet season and I am grateful that I had the work conducted when I did. The musty odor is gone and the basement no longer has a dank setting. On July 5th, 2017, Mr. Godbout did a follow up visit to check out the work conducted, he even commented that the basement had no musty odor that he recalled on his original visit. I mentioned that down the road, if i ever were to move this would be a great selling feature. I would highly recommend the Connecticut Basement Systems to others. Sincerely a very satisfied customer, MaryAnne D., Windsor Locks, CT
    MaryAnne D.
    Windsor Locks, CT

Don Godbout from Connecticut Basement Systems

Title: System Design Specialist

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT

Don Godbout from Connecticut Basement Systems

Don has many years of experience working with homeowners to achieve their home improvement goals and seeing their projects through to ensure total customer satisfaction. Having experienced major water and condensation problems in his own basement, Don appreciates and understands the value that Basement Systems brings to its customers.  After adding a full perimeter system with a sump pump and the SaniDry XP, he has seen a huge difference in his home.

Don brings a focused, intelligent approach to each job he is involved with. He has been thoroughly trained and has earned the highly esteemed title of “Certified Waterproofing Professional” through the Basement Systems International Waterproofing Contractor Network. He is a trusted member of Connecticut Basement Systems and upholds the high standards of the company.

Connecticut Basement Systems is the exclusive regional dealer and the headquarters for the International Basement Systems Waterproofing Contractor Network. This group of more than 350 of the best waterproofing, finishing, structural and crawl space repair contractors in the world has exclusive access to patented products, comprehensive training and support through the International Company.

Don enjoys meeting with homeowners and helping them solve their basement problems and improve their quality of life. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, golfing, cooking and spending time with his family.

Case Studies I've worked on:

Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Basement Waterproofing in Stamford, CT
    Basement Waterproofing in Stamford, CT

    This basement in Stamford, CT was in pretty bad shape. There were water stains along the floor and mold was growing behind the walls. The homeowners were legitimately worried about the structure of their home due to water damage and about the indoor air quality due to the growth of mold. Our crew came in and installed our CleanSpace vapor barrier, which is designed to reduce moisture and humidity in below-grade spaces and helps seal out cold drafts in winter. CleanSpace is super durable and is mold and mildew resistant. Our SaniDry XP was also installed: this self-draining dehumidifier serves double-time as an air filter. By keeping the basement humidity level below 50%, the homeowners can rest assured that mold will not take hold.

    No more mold or water damage! Needless to say, this new homeowner has stopped worrying and is delighted with their new basement!

  • ThermalDry Installation in New Canaan, CT
    ThermalDry Installation in New Canaan, CT

    This New Canaan family was looking for a way to make their unfinished basement a little more aesthetically pleasing, while also protecting their floors against water from seaping into the cement. They gave us a call at Connecticut Basement Systems, and we were happy to lead them in the right direction!

    Our System Design Specialist, Don Godbout, came out to the family's home, and helped them decide the best solution that would fit their needs. They quickly decided that our ThermalDry Flooring System would be a great addition to their basement. We brought out our expert foreman, Kryz Wilk to get the job done. His team worked dilgently to install our Thermal Dry Flooring system with a beautiful Walnut finish. ThermalDry® finished basement flooring tiles are available in a variety of styles and colors, and its snap-together design installs directly over concrete floor. It also has it's own built-in drainage system, and you'll never see any moisture or mold damage!

    This family is much happier with their beautiful basement floor, and can rest easy in knowing they'll have a dry basement for years to come!

    Give us a call for your FREE waterproofing estimate today!

  • Basement Waterproofing in Ridgefield, CT
    Basement Waterproofing in Ridgefield, CT

    The homeowners in this Ridgefield home had water coming into their basement that they needed taken care of ASAP. They contacted Connecticut Basement Systems because of our reputation as the experts in basement waterproofing.

    We installed our TripleSafe sump pump which is our premier pump which consists of a total of three pumps (2 backups!). We also covered up the homeowner's cement floors with our ThermalDry flooring, which is 100% waterproof and will never crack or chip.

    The homeowners are happy with their dry, waterproofed basement and the added comfort of the waterproof flooring.

  • SuperSump in Monroe, CT
    SuperSump in Monroe, CT

    This Monroe, CT basement was experiencing a wet crawl space that was negatively affecting the entire home. The homeowner wanted a long-term solution and decided to contact the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems.

    The solution was to replace the inefficient sump pump and replace it with our patented SuperSump  pump. This sump pump will collect the water that would otherwise enter the basement and discharge it away from the home. This product is essential for a waterproofed basement and the homeowner can now enjoy his dry space.

  • WaterGuard and CleanSpace in Shelton, CT
    WaterGuard and CleanSpace in Shelton, CT

    Before, this Shelton home had a water problem in the basement. Water would seep through the wall and floors, causing dark water marks on the wall and a mess of water to clean up. The homeowner wanted a healthy, dry basement. After doing a thorough internet search, he trusted the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems to provide a solution for his basement. 

    The solution was to install a WaterGuard system paired with a SuperSump pump and CleanSpace liner. The WaterGuard system is installed internally around the perimeter of the basement, where it collects water before it enters the area. The water will be channeled to the SuperSump pump where it will be discharged away from the home. The CleanSpace liner that is applied to the wall will prevent any water or moisture seepage from coming through the wall. Not to mention it gives the basement a clean, fresh look. The homeowner was pleased with the results of his dry basement! 

  • Crawl Space Transformation in East Haven, CT
    Crawl Space Transformation in East Haven, CT

    This crawl space in East Haven, CT was wet, dirty, and in desperate need of upkeep. The family living in the home wasn't sure what to do, so they gave us at Connecticut Basement Systems a call!

    System Design Specialist, Don Godbout, came out and quickly saw that this crawl space needed to be fixed fast. He sent out Cisco Barrios and his team, and they got right work installing our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier, a TrenchDrain, TripleSafe, WaterGuard, a Sanidry, and Drainage matting! This crawl space went from scary to stunning as soon as the work was done, and the family felt comfortable using their space going forward!

    Call us TODAY for your FREE estimate!

  • CleanSpace and SmartSump Pump in Cornwall, CT
    CleanSpace and SmartSump Pump in Cornwall, CT

    Before, this Cornwall crawl space had a lot of unwanted air and moisture which affected the rest of the home. The homeowner worried about her wet crawl space and how it negatively affected the rest of her home. Wanting a solution that would solve her wet crawl space, she decided to call Connecticut Basement Systems, the experts in All Things Basementy!

    Now, with the help of our patented products, CleanSpace  moisture barrier and SmartSump  pump, this crawl space is dry, clean and healthy! The CleanSpace moisture barrier prevents cold, humidity and moisture entering from the outside. The SmartSump  pump will direct all water seepage to the discharge line away from the home. The combination of these two products results in a healthy, dry crawl space. The homeowner now has a peace of mind of her crawl space.

  • TrenchDrains in Southington, CT
    TrenchDrains in Southington, CT

    Before we arrived at this Southington home, the floors were damp and the homeowner was unhappy with his wet basement. He wanted a solution to solve all his basement needs so he decided to give the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems a call!

    On the day of the appointment, Don Godbout arrived at the home to give a home evaluation. He determined that in order to keep this basement dry all year long, a WaterGuard System would need to be installed. With the homeowner’s approval, there was no time to waste and Josh and his production crew got to work! 

    They installed the WaterGuard System along with a SuperSump pump which will allow water to channel through the system and out the SuperSump pump. TrenchDrains were also installed to ensure that water does not flood from an outer entryway, in this particular home it was the under the doorway. The after photo shows the TrenchDrain installed under the doorway.  

    With both of these products installed, this happy Southington homeowner can now enjoy a dry basement all year long thanks to Connecticut Basement Systems! 

    Have a wet basement? Give us a call a Connecticut Basement Systems for your FREE estimate! 1-800-541-0487

  • WaterGuard and CleanSpace in Windsor Locks, CT
    WaterGuard and CleanSpace in Windsor Locks, CT

    Before our waterproofing team came to this Windsor Locks basement, it was musty, damp, and flooded frequently. The homeowners were looking for the best solution for their basement so they decided to give Connecticut Basement Systems a call for their free home evaluation.

    Quickly, an appointment was set for Don Godbout to inspect the situation at this Windsor Locks basement. He concluded that a WaterGuard System and CleanSpace would be a great solution for these homeowners. A WaterGuard System was installed by Sid and his production team around the perimeter of the basement which collects and channels water away from home. This system will waterproof the basement and solve the flooding concerns. A CleanSpace Wall System is also installed in the basement because it is an effective moisture and vapor barrier, as seen as the white wall in the after picture. This means that water will not seep through the walls, keeping the basement dry and odor-free. 

    Now, these happy homeowners can enjoy their waterproofed basement! 

  • SmartPump and CleanSpace in Eastchester, NY
    SmartPump and CleanSpace in Eastchester, NY

    Before, this Eastchester crawl space had an insufficient sump pump and the area was not insulated. This allowed unwanted air and moisture to enter the crawl space which made it an undesirable place in the home. The homeowners want an efficient, dry and clean crawl space. They decided to call the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems to provide a long-term solution for their crawl space.

    Now, the crawl space is dry, efficient and beautiful. A SmartSump Pump was installed to discharge water seepage away from the home, keeping the crawl space dry even during the heaviest of storms. A SaniDry  dehumidifier was also installed to keep humidity below 55%, keeping the air healthy. On the floors, CleanSpace  moisture barrier was installed to prevent air or moisture from seeping through. It also covers up that dirt floor, so it can be used as a place for storage. Lastly, SilverGlo  insulation was installed on the walls of the crawl space to keep it insulated and running efficiently. With the combination of these products, the crawl space was transformed into a beautiful, dry and efficient crawl space, just what the homeowners had hoped for!