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Foundation Repair Customer Testimonial from Jack T. in Ridgefield, CT

I felt compelled to drop you a note to point out my pleasure with CT Basement Systems and moreover, in my opinion, your best resource at the company- Jason Wood. 
You and I talked a couple times in the past about our basement waterproofing situation. As we discussed, our property was not a "cookie cutter" scenario in terms of water table, front yard frontage, ledge, or ideal drainage conditions.  Although the initial basement waterproofing installation had some lingering "issues," I wanted to let you know that we recently hired Foundation Supportworks to address a footing issue which existed with our dining room.  The reason why we chose Foundation Supportworks over other competitors was very simple- Jason Wood.  Let me digress.
When we had some issues with our basement waterproofing installation, Jason came to the house to assess the situation.  From the moment he arrived, he treated my wife and I with utmost courteousness and respect, in addition to answering all of our questions, and left us feeling totally confident in his abilities to diagnose the issues at the time.  He let us know (through his actions) that CT Basement Systems was a reputable company that stood behind their products, patents and service guarantees.  His patience with a tricky installation/discharge situation was top notch.  Recently, I shared with Jason some of the history of the property and related drainage, including pictures and leak points when we first moved into the house.  To my satisfaction, Jason was able to pinpoint the cause of the most recent issue and come up with a viable solution to address it.  His experience in the field is unparalleled, and he brings a wealth of information to the table.  In addition, Jason is personable, professional and very kind hearted.  He does the right things for the customer and in this day and age of seemingly lengthy customer service "lip service," his approach is refreshing.  When Jason is in the loop, customers can feel that things will be taken care of properly and professionally.  Moreover, Jason always came when he said he would, always returned phone calls and always did the right thing for us, the customer.  He is a straight shooter and is always welcome at our house!
I have utmost confidence that his solution will put the lingering issue to rest and am excited to have it completed in mid-April. Hence, when the issue of our footing surfaced, and Jason noticed something was off, he told me about Foundation Supportworks and what they do.  Shortly after, I called Steve at Foundation Supportworks, who came to the house to further educate us about a job which they will be starting next week.  Again, I am confident that I chose the best company for the job and the work will be backed by a reputable company.  If not for Jason, I would have been unaware of Foundation Supportworks and not have associated their reputation with CT Basement Systems.
Summarily, although our initial installation did not go according to plan, Jason Wood's approach to it was excellent.  He not only saved the account, but also made me choose add on work from another division.  I would continue to recommend CT Basement Systems to everyone I know.  I trust that my experience with Foundation Supportworks will be equally good.
I hope that you recognize Jason for the asset he is to the company.  He is truly refreshing, a pleasure to deal with and has great customer service skills.  Kudos to him.

Jack T

- Jack T. of Ridgefield, CT
Friday, March 28th
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