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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Home Residence in East Haven - Push Piers & Helical Tiebacks

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 by John Siwicki


The V. residence is a two-story wood framed structure that was built in 1999 on a slab foundation in East Haven, CT. Several years after the home was built, the homeowners began to notice signs of foundation settlement that included cracks in the concrete foundation, cracks in drywall throughout the home and interior doors that were out of square.

Due to the severity of the problem, the homeowner's insurance company required the foundation be repaired in order to keep the home insured.


Connecticut Basement Systems was hired to complete the repair by installing (6) Foundation Supportworks™ Model 288 Push Piers to underpin and stabilize the foundation and (3) Foundation Supportworks™ Model 150 Helical Anchors to tieback a tipping foundation wall caused by the severe settlement that had occurred.

The push piers were installed by positioning L-shaped foundation brackets below and against the home's footings and hydraulic cylinders were used to lift the foundation back to a level position.

The piers were driven to average depths of 12 feet to achieve ultimate load capacities of 32,000 pounds. The helical anchors
were advanced through 8" holes that were cored in the wall to lengths of 21 feet and ultimate capacities of 28,000 pounds.

The entire project was completed in three days, and the homeowners were able to rest easy, knowing their foundation was safe and stable once again. The warranteed foundation repair also allowed the homeowner's insurance policy to remain intact.

Project Summary

Project Engineers: Paul Hayman, P.E. Hayman Engineering, Inc.

Installing Contractor: Connecticut Basement Systems

Certified Inspector: Todd Lutheran

Products Installed: (6) Model 288 Push Piers Installed to depths of 12 feet, and (3) Model 150 Helical Tiebacks Installed to Lengths of 21 feet.

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