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Basement Waterproofing - Exterior Discharge Line and IceGuard

Exterior Discharge Line and IceGuard
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The sump pumps push the water out of the basement, through a discharge line, and into the yard. Here is where our team was planning to install a discharge line. However, sometimes during the winter -- especially after a significant snow fall -- the end of the discharge pipe might be covered with snow and ice, and water may freeze inside the discharge pipe, clogging the system. When that happens, the water returns back into the sump pit, and the sump pump will continuously recycle the water without the ability to get rid of it. Eventually, the overwhelmed sump pump may be unable to handle the volume of water and burn out - causing the basement to flood. The IceGuard has a patented design with perforations to keep the water flowing out of the basement, even if the end of the pipe is clogged, thus preventing basement flooding.