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Basement Waterproofing Photo Album: Basement Waterproofing In Peekskill, NY

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The homeowner in this Peekskills home had a continuing problem with standing water in their basement and hey could not find the root to the problem. The homeowners called the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems to assess the issue. We diagnosed the problem and found that the water was coming in through the steps and pooling. We recommended and three of our products. First was our TrenchDrain grated drainage pipe system. The TrenchDrain collects any water that comes down the steps and guides it to our WaterGuard French Drain System. The Drain system is the ideal choice in waterproofing because its patented design sits on top of the foundation footing in the "Mud Zone" so that it does not clog. All the water collected by the drain systems feed into the TripleSafe Sump Pump. This premier sump pump has a total of three pumps. The first pump is the first to turn on and pumps 2,200 gallons of water per hour. If the amount of water coming in is more than it can handle then the second one turns on and pumps out and additional 3,900 gallons of water per hour. If the power goes out then the third pump would work alone in conjunction with the battery back up. The third pump can pump out as much as 11,500 Gallons of water which is as much as half of a swimming pool!


The homeowners could not be happier to know that they have nothing to worry about in regards to water in their basement. 

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