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Job review from in East Hartford, CT 06118 on 11/05/11

Overall Rating:

4.8  out of 5
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The estimator said it would take the crew 3 days to complete the job; they did it in one day.

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There was a slight break down in communication between the engineer who surveyed the job & the work crew; there was an existing drain that the discharge water was to be routed to but the crew ran the pipe to the wrong location and in doing so cut an underground electrical cable which brought power to the back yard utility shed. The cable shorted & took out the garage power & partial kitchen power. That has since been fixed without much work or expense. Luckily I caught the mistake before the crew had left so they re routed the discharge pipe to the drain. Luckily, also, none of the crew got electrocuted when they hit the 120 volt cable.

The Cleanup Process

Clean-up was complete; great job.