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Job review from in Cromwell, CT 06416 on 08/10/11

Overall Rating:

4.3  out of 5

Everything appears to have gone smoothly. Given the importance of the electrical requirements, however, it would be great if you all had an electrician on call to help folks. This type of job is not considered "big" and it's difficult to schedule an electrician for this type of work. We were fortunate to have painting/handyman contractorl who was able to provide us with the name of an electricianl--but that took two calls and a 2nd referral in order to get the job done.

One other item you could reassess is the 20 ft maximum for deploying the drainage pipes into the yard. We needeed an extra 25 ft of pipe so that the pipes could resurface within an island planting at the border of our property. This made the entire system invisible and professionall-looking. However, given the cost of the system, we felt we were being "nickeded and dimed" for having to pay an extra $100 for this extra pipe. Given the rock surrounding the surface drain, having this in the middle of the yard would have been very conspicuous and require specail handling with lawn mowing. So, I felt that there could have been some leeway provided to us to have this extra 25 ft of pipe included within the original price--especially since we all want the job to look as professional as possible.

All in all, this was a really good experience for us.

Our Overall Service

Looks great--very neat, minimal disruption. We did not realize that there were two sizes for the track drain at the bottom of the hatchway steps. Had we know, we would have opted for the wider track in order to definitely cover any seepage from the seam in the cement walls. Hopefully, any such water will be captured and directed to the drain.

Call Representative
Our Office Staff

Very courteous, although not as knowledgable about the electrical requirement questions we had.

Sales Process

Very knowledgable about the systems, and followed up to ensure our questions were answered.

Our Installation Crew

Very lknowledgable and efficient. Patrick was very good. The team seemed rushed at the end, giving us a brief review of the system. We then phoned the company about providing a morel detailed pamphlet and/or review. As a result, Nick visited us a week later and took us through the entire system in greater detail.

The Cleanup Process

Great job!