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Celebrating 30 Years of Vision, Growth and Success

Monday, July 24th, 2017 by Kellie Santiago

Connecticut Basement Systems is celebrating 30 years of vision, growth, success and helping Connecticut homeowners solve their waterproofing, finishing and structural repair needs.

It all started in 1987. Owner, Larry Janesky, was just five years into his career as a carpenter. After graduating from Bullard Haven Technical School in Bridgeport, CT, he was finding success as a residential home builder. Somewhere around his 25th home, a customer had a water issue and asked him what could be done. At the same time, the housing market was struggling. It was in that moment that Janesky realized that no one was doing this type of work and embraced the opportunity to be a pioneer in the waterproofing industry.

Realizing that this niche contracting area was special, he started Connecticut Basement Systems out of his home in Stratford, CT. That year, he started selling his waterproofing products locally. Three years later in 1990, Connecticut Basement Systems had 15 employees, three salesmen and three production crews. They’d completed almost 200 waterproofing jobs. That’s when Janesky realized that there were probably other contractors in other areas who had customers that could use the same services...there were probably other contractors who could benefit from what he’d learned and created.

So, he hit the road and traveled up and down the east coast, visiting contractors and inviting them to join him and form a network of the best waterproofing contractors in the country. That year, the first dealer, a contractor in Alabama, joined the network and Basement Systems, Inc. was formed.

Just a few short years later, the company was moving into a larger facility and had been awarded 5 US Patents and 8 trademarks on their innovative waterproofing solutions.

Today, Basement Systems is the leader in waterproofing, finishing, and structural repair solutions for residential homes. Connecticut Basement Systems is the exclusive regional dealer and headquarters for the Basement Systems International Contractor Network. This group of over 300 dealers spanning The United States, Canada and The United Kingdom has exclusive access to patented products, comprehensive training and support through the International Company. We hold 31 US Patents and have 5 pending for our innovative products.

On its 30th Anniversary, Connecticut Basement Systems shows no signs of stopping. We’ve wowed over 51,000 customers in Connecticut. That’s 1 in every 12 single family homes in the state! We’ve added more than 50 employees every year for the past two years to work on our 9 building campus right in Seymour, CT. We were named one of the Top Workplaces in CT by Hearst Media two years in a row and won the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award three times!

In June 2017, we moved into a brand new 77,000 square foot facility, where we’re doing the work on the ground level and training other contractors upstairs in our theater. We are continuously adding new products, new programs and new services.  The spirit of growth and development are alive and well every day, in everything that we do and in every interaction we have with our customers. Larry never wants to stop learning, growing and challenging himself and that means that the business will never stop growing and evolving either. 

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