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Jason Wood

Connecticut Basement Systems

Title: Production Manager

Hometown: Naugatuck, CT

Jason Wood from Connecticut Basement Systems

Jason has been with the company since 1999. He is the production manager, and has an outstanding knowledge of all products and installation procedures. Jason is a valuable asset to the team and always eager to help.

He enjoys working for a great company who is the leader in their field. He loves problem solving and making people happy. Jason is glad to be on a team of great people and working in a family-like environment.

Jason is thoroughly trained and has earned the highly esteemed accreditation of "CERTIFIED Waterproofing Professional" through the Basement Systems, Inc. International Headquarters in Seymour, CT. He is an excellent troubleshooter and continuously provides WOW! service to his customers and his peers alike.

Jason is happily married and the proud father of twins. He and his wife enjoy showing their kids a great time! He also enjoys metal detecting and fishing, and feels he is a blessed person in this life.

Customer Reviews
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  • By Peter S.
    Greenwich, CT

    "The Ct Basement technical/installation staff are universally knowledgeable, well trained and efficient. They seldom communicate..."

    Customer Review

    By Peter S.
    Greenwich, CT

    The Ct Basement technical/installation staff are universally knowledgeable, well trained and efficient. They seldom communicate with one another because they all seem to know exactly what to do at every step of the installation.

  • By Carla A.
    Orange, CT

    "I received the warranty paperwork and T-Shirt within the time period I was advised. I have always recommended your company as I..."

    Customer Review

    By Carla A.
    Orange, CT

    I received the warranty paperwork and T-Shirt within the time period I was advised. I have always recommended your company as I feel it is one of the best companies to work with. Just a note, I love the T-shirt...any chance in getting a Medium...XL is way to big:)

  • By Steven W.
    West Haven, CT

    Customer Review

    By Steven W.
    West Haven, CT

  • By John S.
    Simsbury, CT

    "Jason, your installer was terrific!"

    Customer Review

    By John S.
    Simsbury, CT

    Jason, your installer was terrific!

from customers I've helped!
  • "Jason is a man of integrity and his actions reflect so well on yourcompany. We will always recommend Ct..." Read Full Testimonial

    Bill L. of Greenwich, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Mr GullottiOne of your employees, Jason Wood came to our house Saturday morningto investigate a wet spot in our basement. He was extremely thorough,methodical and explained what he was doing each step of the way. Hedetermined that the leak was not from a compromised wall in thebasement but from a busted air conditioner waste pump. I appreciatethe fact that he did not feel compelled to sell us service that we didnot need but was able to identify the issue and then spoke directlywith the repair people from Professional Water to explain what wasneeded. Jason is a man of integrity and his actions reflect so well on yourcompany. We will always recommend Ct Basement. Thank you. BillL
    Bill L.
    Greenwich, CT
  • "I want to commend your crew." Read Full Testimonial

    Diane F. of Pound Ridge, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              I want to commend your crew. They worked diligently and so quietly. They left the basement floor clean and clear of all debris.
    Diane F.
    Pound Ridge, NY
  • "The crew was very competent and hardworking, and your office staff was excellent!" Read Full Testimonial

    Mary D. of New Canaan, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              The crew was very competent and hardworking, and your office staff was excellent! Jason was excellent as well.
    Mary D.
    New Canaan, CT
  • "Jason's experience in the field is unparalleled, and he brings a wealth of information to the table. In..." Read Full Testimonial

    Jack T. of Ridgefield, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              I felt compelled to drop you a note to point out my pleasure with CT Basement Systems and moreover, in my opinion, your best resource at the company- Jason Wood. You and I talked a couple times in the past about our basement waterproofing situation. As we discussed, our property was not a "cookie cutter" scenario in terms of water table, front yard frontage, ledge, or ideal drainage conditions. Although the initial basement waterproofing installation had some lingering "issues," I wanted to let you know that we recently hired Foundation Supportworks to address a footing issue which existed with our dining room. The reason why we chose Foundation Supportworks over other competitors was very simple- Jason Wood. Let me digress. When we had some issues with our basement waterproofing installation, Jason came to the house to assess the situation. From the moment he arrived, he treated my wife and I with utmost courteousness and respect, in addition to answering all of our questions, and left us feeling totally confident in his abilities to diagnose the issues at the time. He let us know (through his actions) that CT Basement Systems was a reputable company that stood behind their products, patents and service guarantees. His patience with a tricky installation/discharge situation was top notch. Recently, I shared with Jason some of the history of the property and related drainage, including pictures and leak points when we first moved into the house. To my satisfaction, Jason was able to pinpoint the cause of the most recent issue and come up with a viable solution to address it. His experience in the field is unparalleled, and he brings a wealth of information to the table. In addition, Jason is personable, professional and very kind hearted. He does the right things for the customer and in this day and age of seemingly lengthy customer service "lip service," his approach is refreshing. When Jason is in the loop, customers can feel that things will be taken care of properly and professionally. Moreover, Jason always came when he said he would, always returned phone calls and always did the right thing for us, the customer. He is a straight shooter and is always welcome at our house! I have utmost confidence that his solution will put the lingering issue to rest and am excited to have it completed in mid-April. Hence, when the issue of our footing surfaced, and Jason noticed something was off, he told me about Foundation Supportworks and what they do. Shortly after, I called Steve at Foundation Supportworks, who came to the house to further educate us about a job which they will be starting next week. Again, I am confident that I chose the best company for the job and the work will be backed by a reputable company. If not for Jason, I would have been unaware of Foundation Supportworks and not have associated their reputation with CT Basement Systems. Summarily, although our initial installation did not go according to plan, Jason Wood's approach to it was excellent. He not only saved the account, but also made me choose add on work from another division. I would continue to recommend CT Basement Systems to everyone I know. I trust that my experience with Foundation Supportworks will be equally good. I hope that you recognize Jason for the asset he is to the company. He is truly refreshing, a pleasure to deal with and has great customer service skills. Kudos to him. Sincerely, Jack T
    Jack T.
    Ridgefield, CT
  • "I want you to know how pleased we are with the quality of work performed by your crew." Read Full Testimonial

    Allan A. of Fairfield, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              I am a new customer of yours by having my basement waterproofed earlier this month. I want you to know how pleased we are with the quality of work performed by your crew. They were informative and extremely neat. I could not have asked for a more concerned team of men to do this work.
    Allan A.
    Fairfield, CT
  • "I am very satisfied with the job." Read Full Testimonial

    Richard and Connie V. of Easton, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              I chose your company based on your experience throughout the years. Your installation crew were hard workers, and Jason Wood's presentation was great. I am very satisfied with the job.
    Richard and Connie V.
    Easton, CT
  • "I wanted to commend Mr. Wood on his dedication and determination to resolve the matter while ensuring quality..." Read Full Testimonial

    Lucy D. of Monroe, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Not only was the problem resolved in a timely fashion but we were very impressed with the professionalism of your Quality Assurance Manager, Jason Wood. Mr. Wood met with me and my husband and quickly identified and outlined a resolution to the problem. It was handled expeditiously and professionally. I wanted to commend Mr. Wood on his dedication and determination to resolved the matter while ensuring quality workmanship as well as a very satisfied customer. Since the work was completed, the solution is working well. Please extend our thanks to Mr. Wood as well. I wish you and your staff a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year! Sincerely, Lucy D. - Monroe, CT
    Lucy D.
    Monroe, CT
  • "I would recommend your company to anyone interested in improving their home. Again I would like to make you..." Read Full Testimonial

    James L. of Milford, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              I wish to convey to you the satisfaction that we have experienced with your company and with your employees. We recently purchased the Thermal Dry Elite plank flooring as well as a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier for our downstairs. The installation went as scheduled, the floor was installed except for some finishing work that could not be completed that day and the dehumidifier was installed in the intended location. It became immediately obvious that the intended location of the dehumidifier was inadequate. The room was too small for the duct work, making servicing the unit as well as the furnace impossible. The unit needed to be relocated. After calling the office Carol Marsh responded to our problem immediately. She had Jason Wood call me and I explained the situation to him. He assured me that he would come to the house that afternoon with his men to finish the floor installation and to assess what needed to be done with the dehumidifier. Exactly at 4 pm Jason arrived with Eric Ardito and Joe Alves, installation specialists. The three immediately assessed the situation, determined a more appropriate location for the dehumidifier and what needed to be done to complete the flooring installation. After securing my approval for the changes, Jason said the work would be completed that day. Eric and Joe worked for the next six hours to relocate the dehumidifier along with the vent kits and drain hose. They patched the sheetrock where the vent kits were previously located at the same time completing the floor transition with the existing floor tiles. They installed floor moldings and caulked various joints. They then cleaned up were they worked and made it look like they were never here. I cannot express to you how professional Eric and Joe were. They knew what needed to be done and did the work efficiently and professionally. I am completely satisfied with the products and installation done by your people. But what I think makes your company stand out from all others is the dedication of your employees to customer service. I would recommend your company to anyone interested in improving their home. Again I would like to make you aware of the outstanding work of your employees Carol Marsh, Jason Wood, Eric Ardito and Joe Alves.
    James L.
    Milford, CT
  • "Dear Mr. Larry Janesky and Connecticut Basement Systems, let me start off by saying your company and..." Read Full Testimonial

    Kristy & Joe P. of Waterbury, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Let me start off by saying your company and dedicated employees have changed our lives! Joe & I recently entered and won your basement waterproofing contest for "the wettest basement in CT"! During this process, whe had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people. Jason Wood, your quality assurance manager, was in charge of selecting a winner for the contest. From the moment he met with my fiance to very our basement, right down to the day of installation, he was there to answer any questions without hesitation. He was extremely professional, personable, and knowledgeable. We enjoyed working with him and really appreciated his dedication throughout the process. He is an asset to your company. He also spoke very highly of you and that attested to the quality of your company. On the day of the installation we were thrilled that our basement was no longer going to leak, cause stress, or be an eye-sore anymore! The day of installation couldn't come soon enough for us. We were ecstatic when we saw the Basement Systems truck coming down the road to our house. It was like a huge weight was going to be lifted off of our shoulders in a matter of 6 hours. When the crew arrived everyone was polite, motivated and helpful. We had the pleasure of first meeting Marcio, a hard-working and devoted employee. He was informative and always respectful. He too answered our many questions without hesitation (even while he was working diligently). He took the time to explain everything and he made sure that we always knew what was happening. He was a caring individual who made our experience an easy one. He is a talented person with a passion for his job, and it showed. We were so delighted with his work that no matter how sweaty he was from working all day, we just had to give him a thank-you hug! He is the person who was responsible for the crew and he worked just as hard. We won't ever forget what he has done for us. Martin and Abel accompanied Marcio on the job. These men are extremely hard workers and were an integral part of the installation success. They worked tirelessly in very high temperatures and were always professional and respectful. They are the people who make this all possible. They put all they had into the installation and we were amazed at their skill. they lifted barrels of concrete, gravel and debris up through our hatchway all day, without stairs. for lack of a better term, they were simply incredible! I could continue to rave about everyone, but I think you understand where I am going. We are forever grateful to the crew and everyone else we worked with (Jason, Marcio, Martin, Abel, Brian-video production, and Amy-Marketing) and to you who made our dream of a dry basement a reality! Connecticut Basement Systems has given us the opportunity to once again make our home complete. We are tremendously thankful to you and all of the people we had the pleasure of meeting. Words cannot describe the joy your company has put back into our lives. It is a life-changing gift! There aren't enough words to express all of our gratitude and appreciation, but we hope this is a good example of it. We will recommend your company with the highest regard. With deepest appreciation, Kristy & Joe
    Kristy & Joe P.
    Waterbury, CT
  • "I want to compliment Connecticut Basement Systems and just as importantly your team for being so dedicated,..." Read Full Testimonial

    Tom & Pia L. of East Berlin, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              I want to compliment Connecticut Basement Systems and just as importantly your team for being so dedicated, hardworking, and customer focused. My first contact with Connecticut Basement Systems was in 2018 when we first realized we had a basement water issue. Our basement which included living space was damaged by ground water. I contacted your company and soon met Jimmy Stablein who I quickly realized was very knowledgeable about such water issues. His recommendation to install water guard and the SuperSump system was what we chose. The job was handled professionally and Jimmy was very supportive during the sale, installation, and even after the installation. Not many people in sales do that! Only later would we come to realize that much more was happening below ground and additional pumping capacity would be required. The second water event took place after the first SuperSump install. After that incident Jimmy coordinated with Jason Wood and Jeff Allen who traveled out to Berlin the very same day they learned of the new incident. They were not in and out of the house instead took significant time to understand what they believed should be the next best steps. There quick response that day was so impressive as Seymour is not close to Berlin by any stretch. It was agreed that larger pumps plus an additional SuperSump was required. They fast tracked the installation and service because everyone understood the house was at that point vulnerable to more water seepage. My family was one big rain event away from another flood of our finished lower level. Bill Anderson also became involved from headquarters. While I can't touch on everything that took place I want you both to know just how much our family thinks of Connecticut Basement Systems and the superb team you have in place. They did the right thing during our time of need. I will always promote your products and service whenever the opportunity presents. My wife and I have been spreading the word about the wonderful people that do make Connecticut Basement Systems simply the best. Thank you!
    Tom & Pia L.
    East Berlin, CT

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