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Connecticut Basement Systems Before & After Photos

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WaterGuard Drainage System in White Plains, NY

When we arrived in this basement, it was damp and leaky. Water was seeping through the walls and wall-floor joint. To help to waterproof the basement, we installed the WaterGuard perimeter drain. The WaterGuard, unlike other drainage systems, is resistant to clogging, so the owners of this home never have to worry about their basement flooding!

Basement Waterproofing in White Plains, NY

Without proper drainage, this basement used to be damp and humid. Water would seep in through the walls and have nowhere to go. To remedy this, we installed a WaterGuard drain around the perimeter of the room. In addition to collecting groundwater, WaterGuard has the added benefit of catching water from walls. Now this basement will remain dry, even during heavy rains!

Wet and dark basement turned into prime living space in West Harrison, NY!

Our team transformed this dark and depressing space into a well lit, dry and inviting space! What would you do with all of this extra space?

New Sump Pump Installation in Harrison, NY

This old, open sump pump was not doing its job. It clogged frequently, and couldnt't pump large amounts of water out of the basement. We installed our TripleSafe sump pump in its place, along with a WaterGuard perimeter drain. The TripleSafe is our most reliable sump pump system, with three levels of protection for the basement and the owner's peace of mind. 

WaterGuard Perimeter Drain in Harrison, NY

The owners of this Harrison, NY home always got a wet basement when it rained, so they gave us a call. We installed a WaterGuard perimeter drain in their home, which is beneath the drying cement in this picture. It will capture any water before it enters the home and redirect it to their sump pump system. The unique shape and large drain openings of WaterGuard aid in preventing clogs in the system, so the owners of this home can have peace of mind during bad rainstorms.

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