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TripleSafe Sump Pump in Hartsdale, NY

Before, this Hartsdale, NY home had an insufficient sump pump that was causing for a wet crawl space. The homeowner was tired of the consequences of a deficient sump pump and decided to call the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems to provide a permanent solution. 

The solution was to replace the old sump pump with a TripleSafe sump pump, the most reliable system that offers three levels of protection! Now, the area stays clean all year long and the homeowner is reassured that he will not have to suffer with the consequences of a deficient sump pump.  

SilverGlo and CleanSpace in Hartsdale, NY

Before, this crawl space in Hartsdale, NY was dirty, uninsulated  and smelt like mold. All of these indications are related to an unhealthy crawl space which can affect the entire home and heighten allergies or asthma symptoms. The homeowner wanted a safe and healthy home which prompted him to contact the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems to provide a solution. 

Now, the crawl space is sealed with SilverGlo wall panel insulation and CleanSpace is protecting the floors from any unwanted odor or moisture from coming through. A SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier was also installed to keep humidity below 55% which will prevent mold from developing.  Once all of these products were installed, the crawl space was transformed into a clean and healthy crawl space!

Drainage System and Sump Pump in Mamaroneck, Ny

In this basement we install Waterguard and a SuperSump pump to drain water out of the basement. We also put in a Sanidry air purifier dehumidifier to keep the air dry and comfortable. On the outside of the house we installed Iceguard to prevent backup from frozen pipes.

Crawl Space Repair in Mamaroneck, NY

In this Mamaroneck, NY household, there was a relatively small basement but within this small space were many important products installed over time to keep this basement as clean and productive as possible. Although certain aspects of this basement were kept up with, the crawl space had clearly very aged insualtion within it. The homeowner decided to call Connecticut Basement Systems in orrder to have this issue fixed and our employees were more than ready to help fix this issue.

Our team cleaned out their crawl space of the old insulation and any trash or debris that had found its way in there. We then installed new insulation that would never leave that area looking like it once did. A SaniDry dehumidifier was also installed the keep the air clean and filter out any harmful particles. Thanks to our crews great help, the basement once again had insulation that did not look messy and would be much more affective.

CarbonArmor in Sleepy Hollow, NY

This Sleepy Hollow, NY home had cracking and bowing walls that was caused from soil expansion. The homeowner was very concerned for the safety of his home and wanted to take care of the problem immediately. After doing some research, he decided to set an appointment with Connecticut Basement Systems to help find him a solution. 

Glen Kerpchar was the Sales Representative who arrived at the home the day of the appointment. He concluded that in order to fix the bowing of the walls, Carbon Armor would need to be installed. He explained the benefits of the product and the homeowner agreed that this was the best solution and quickly set an appointment for a production date.

On the day of production, Victor Alves and his crew installed the CarbonArmor. The CarbonArmor is a great product because it stabilizes your home’s foundation walls by using fiber-reinforced polymers which are 10-times stronger than steel. The ArmorLock brackets bind and secure the Carbon Armor straps to the floor joists making it a great solution, non-invasive, and ideal for stabilizing bowing and leaning walls.  

With the CarbonArmor fully installed, the homeowner now has a peace of mind of the structure of his home! 

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