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Seymour, CT Video Testimonial

As soon as DJ M. moved into his recently purchased Seymour, CT home he found a leak in his garage. Fortunately, one of his customers at work happened to be Glenn K., a System Design Specialist for Connecticut Basement Systems. Through Glen, DJ learned about the services we provide, so he gave Glen a call. DJ was very distraught and very worried about the possible cost to have his garage fixed. After Glen inspected his property, he sat down with DJ to go through his options. DJ was pleasantly surprised to know that not only could we fix the problem, but we could do it for much less than he thought it would cost. In this video, DJ talks about the experience not only during the sales visit, but all through the installation and completion of the project. "In a year we had a ton of rain and we haven't had any water in our garage. It is a real big relief that we don't have to worry about anything down the road." -- shay DJ