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Customer Testimonial from Cyriac M. in Milford, CT

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Mr. Larry Janesky,

We would like to extend our appreciation for the professionalism and integrity of CT Basement Systems honoring your warranty and work. A few years ago, Christ the Redeemer Church in Milford had CT Basement Systems install a waterproofing system in the Rectory of our church. Over the past, the basement has remained dry and the system appeared to function well. This spring, we have had severe rains and the original system was unable to handle the volume of water and the basement had sever flooding again.

After an initial consultation and evaluation, we had a second meeting with your technician who revaluated the original design and upon seeing the flooding condition increased the drainage and pumping capacity of the system under the warranty. Considerable work and expansion of the system was required and was performed under warranty by your company.

After the modifications, we inspected the basement repairs and are very happy with the quality of work performed in a professional manner. Hopefully, this has fully controlled the problem, only time will tell. 

In today's business world and climate, it is good to see a company that stands behinds its work and honors its warranty. We just wanted to thank you and extend our appreciation for a job well done.

Yours truly,

Christ the Redeemer Parish Council 

- Cyriac M. of Milford, CT
Tuesday, June 13th