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Customer Testimonial from Steve E. in Ridgefield, CT

Shortly after their wedding, Steve E.' s wife told him about the mold smell in the basement of their Ridgefield, CT home. His basement used to leak sometimes but he hadn't noticed the musty smell before. 
When they removed some walls to inspect, they found black mold behind them, just as his wife suspected. 
The couple was expecting their first child, so they needed to not only get rid of the mold, but also solve the basement leakage and humidity problem that was causing the mold to grow.
While they did have a couple of other companies in mind, his business partner had recommended Connecticut Basement System so highly, he decided to give us a call. 
After the inspection and presentation, he was very confident that the products and solutions proposed would solve the basement problems.
"I had a great experience with Basement Systems, from the first person I met, until the very last part of the project." - he adds.

- Steve E. of Ridgefield, CT
Wednesday, June 7th

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