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Customer Testimonial from Carol W. in Bridgewater, CT

I have to tell you both, that if you can clone all your people to be like Danny Oestreich who came out yesterday, you would love it. He came out to clean up the rim joint insulation so things could get painted. He got there and saw what a poor job the other guys did (grant it, they were nice too) that he ripped everything out and redid it. He said he could not justify putting his name on something being cleaned that was poorly installed. He also took the time and showed me how the sump pump system worked, the alarm and everything. Told me about getting it serviced once a year and what is done during the service call and the cost. The rim area with all the electric going in and out he left open for now until all electrical is finished which is fine... we can do that later in a month (after garage electric is added in too).

He also told me that the guys who put in the ejector pump did a great job, did not just cut a hole and drop it in, they really crafted it the right way. Also super nice!

So thank you... let me keep Danny for everything basement!


- Carol W. of Bridgewater, CT
Wednesday, April 30th