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Customer Testimonial from Fairfield, CT

No words are sufficient to express my happiness with the work you did at my home when you installed the Full Perimeter WaterGuard System, TripleSafe Sump Pump and SaniDry Air System. Since then, our neighborhood has had two "freak" floods when a culvert overflowed and sent a river roaring down the hillside between my home and the one next door. Water came right to my cellar hatchway, as well as to the basement windows on the furnace side, but all remained dry. The following day, hoses protruded from every house in our cul de sac, as well as down the side street---except for my house! Next door neighbors, who had a different system installed about a year ago, had water to their knees, but they graciously came to offer me a hand in getting mine pumped out. Imagine my pride and joy when I could show them a dry sweet smelling basement!  I praise you to everyone who will listen!

Sincerely, with great appreciation,

Martha K. M.

- Martha K. of Fairfield, CT
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