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Job review from in Norwalk, CT 06855 on 08/29/15

Overall Rating:

4.7  out of 5

The work made an immediate difference to my house and the feeling in it. It's transformed it and the work is definitely worth the cost and effort.

Our Overall Service

Excellent work to complete the water management part of the contract. Still awaiting a final response to clear up electrical issues that occurred as part of the installation.

Call Representative

Good coordination if very curt on the phone.

Our Office Staff

Very good at organizing what needs to be done.

Sales Process

I'm happy with Ron. Excellent coordination of the contract and sale. However, there is warranty work remaining and I am awaiting a response.

Our Installation Crew

Very good, got the work done in a day and pushed hard. The plumber went above and beyond to do the work the right way and that is appreciated.

The Cleanup Process

The gang cleaned up the site well. There is remaining electrical work that needs to be organized - one return trip was already performed, but it didn't fix the issue. My washing machine cannot be plugged into the outlet that is next to it and has to be plugged into the sump pump circuit in order to work, which is much less than ideal.

What made you choose our company:

Local representation, specialization, claim to leave a customer happy and finish the work properly and completely, discount and financing options offered to make the work affordable.