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Job review from in Amawalk, NY 10501 on 08/13/16

Overall Rating:

4.8  out of 5
Our Overall Service

Everyone with the exception of the Project Manager was great. Julie Marra however screwed up several aspects of the project, most egregious was that despite having actual architectural drawings showing pocket doors somehow they could not be done in her design. Instead of contacting me to explain why and to discuss alternatives she left it to Micah Smith the site foreman, to tell me. We needed to make some quick revisions and in one area I ended with with a 32" door with a bi-fold that is 3" when folded essentially making it a 29" door which was not what I was looking for. There was also no contact with me during any part of the process. When I get a $2.50 slice of pizza I am asked by the waitress if I am satisfied. I spent close to $30,000 on this job and close to $20,000 on prior work and to date the "Project Manager" has never checked in to ask about my satisfaction with the work. I personally do not want to hear from her at this point but if you see her tell her it really came out nice thanks to Micah and Rob.

Call Representative
Sales Process

Ralph was great. I actually needed to call him after the contract was signed to intervene with the Project Manager who was making an unnecessary big deal about coordinating the work of your crew and the electricians. A five minute meeting on site between Micah and the electrician and everyone worked well together.

Our Installation Crew

Michah Smith and Rob Stevenson are two hard working guys, extremely personable and professional and good problem solvers. Either one of them would make great Project Managers or sales persons

The Cleanup Process

What made you choose our company:

I used you for controlling the water problem that I had and for partially finishing the basement in the past. It was now time to do the rest and I did not think about calling anyone else