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George Darmand

Connecticut Basement Systems

Title: Service Technician

George Darmand from Connecticut Basement Systems

George is a professional Service Technician with Connecticut Basement Systems. George has several years of carpentry, welding, window installation, and painting experience to help assist him while on the Service team at CTBS. 

George lives in Hamden, CT. Outside of work, George enjoys soccer, cricket, and football.


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“I loved George's service. He was very kind, and very knowledgeable.”

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Kim B. of Pelham, NY

“George was polite and did a wonderful job. I am a New Yorker so I do not compliment often but he defenitely deserved this review.”

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Gerry G. of Dobbs Ferry, NY

“George was unbelievably impressive. He did a lot of work in my very small crawlspace, and if I could, I'd give him a 20/10!”

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Nicole C. of Stamford, CT

“George had a huge smile on his face when I opened the door! He was delightful.”

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Lillian M. of Mahopac, NY

“George worked on my basement and he was phenomenal.”

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Patricia L. of Ridgefield, CT

“I loved George’s attention to detail and methodical service.”

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Lori B. of Ridgefield, CT

“George is a wonderful representation of the company. I loved the whole experience -- he was truly fantastic!”

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Patricia L. of Ridgefield, CT

“George was very polite and helpful while he explained the service to me. He put a smile on our faces. We enjoyed the entire experience.”

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Steven R. of Fairfield, CT

“Thanks to George Darmand for his good work today servicing our pumps and explaining all of the nuances of the system as he installed a new pump and back up...”

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Dick F. of Milford, CT

“George was an awesome guy! He was thorough with explaining and the experience was great!”

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Susan T. of Oxford, CT