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Marcial Lopez

Connecticut Basement Systems

Title: Co-Foreman

Marcial Lopez from Connecticut Basement Systems

Marcial is a great employee who shines at every job he works on. He is a Certified Waterproofing Professional and is OSHA Certified. He installs our patented products professionally and efficiently at every job. His favorite part of his job is transforming basements, making them comfortable for the homeowner. Marcial lives in Bridgeport and enjoys spending time with his kids and family. 


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  • "Dear Mr. Larry Janesky and Connecticut Basement Systems, let me start off by saying your company and..." Read Full Testimonial

    Kristy & Joe P. of Waterbury, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Let me start off by saying your company and dedicated employees have changed our lives! Joe & I recently entered and won your basement waterproofing contest for "the wettest basement in CT"! During this process, whe had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people. Jason Wood, your quality assurance manager, was in charge of selecting a winner for the contest. From the moment he met with my fiance to very our basement, right down to the day of installation, he was there to answer any questions without hesitation. He was extremely professional, personable, and knowledgeable. We enjoyed working with him and really appreciated his dedication throughout the process. He is an asset to your company. He also spoke very highly of you and that attested to the quality of your company. On the day of the installation we were thrilled that our basement was no longer going to leak, cause stress, or be an eye-sore anymore! The day of installation couldn't come soon enough for us. We were ecstatic when we saw the Basement Systems truck coming down the road to our house. It was like a huge weight was going to be lifted off of our shoulders in a matter of 6 hours. When the crew arrived everyone was polite, motivated and helpful. We had the pleasure of first meeting Marcio, a hard-working and devoted employee. He was informative and always respectful. He too answered our many questions without hesitation (even while he was working diligently). He took the time to explain everything and he made sure that we always knew what was happening. He was a caring individual who made our experience an easy one. He is a talented person with a passion for his job, and it showed. We were so delighted with his work that no matter how sweaty he was from working all day, we just had to give him a thank-you hug! He is the person who was responsible for the crew and he worked just as hard. We won't ever forget what he has done for us. Martin and Abel accompanied Marcio on the job. These men are extremely hard workers and were an integral part of the installation success. They worked tirelessly in very high temperatures and were always professional and respectful. They are the people who make this all possible. They put all they had into the installation and we were amazed at their skill. they lifted barrels of concrete, gravel and debris up through our hatchway all day, without stairs. for lack of a better term, they were simply incredible! I could continue to rave about everyone, but I think you understand where I am going. We are forever grateful to the crew and everyone else we worked with (Jason, Marcio, Martin, Abel, Brian-video production, and Amy-Marketing) and to you who made our dream of a dry basement a reality! Connecticut Basement Systems has given us the opportunity to once again make our home complete. We are tremendously thankful to you and all of the people we had the pleasure of meeting. Words cannot describe the joy your company has put back into our lives. It is a life-changing gift! There aren't enough words to express all of our gratitude and appreciation, but we hope this is a good example of it. We will recommend your company with the highest regard. With deepest appreciation, Kristy & Joe
    Kristy & Joe P.
    Waterbury, CT
Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • CleanSpace and SilverGlo in Greenwich, CT
    CleanSpace and SilverGlo in Greenwich, CT

    CleanSpace and SilverGlo in Greenwich, CT

    This Greenwich, CT crawl space had dirt floors and exposed walls with no insulation. This caused the main level of the home to have cold floors, which leads to high energy bills. The homeowner wanted to find a solution that would make his crawl space more efficient, so he did some research on the internet for the best solution and decided to do the project with the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems. 

    Our salesman, Vin Orsini, came to meet the homeowner and assess the issues at hand.  Vin quickly identified what was causing the uncomfortable temperatures and spoke to the homeowner about some potential solutions. On the day of production, foreman Marcial Lopez and his crew arrived to get the project under way. They solved the problem by installing CleanSpace liner, SilverGlo, and proper rim joist insulation. The CleanSpace liner prevents all moisture from seeping through the floors, and also turns dirt floors into a tidy, usable area. SilverGlo keeps the area insulated, lining the walls with a reflective barrier. To make sure that no air sneaks above the crawl space walls and into the home, rim joist insulation was installed as well. The homeowner was thrilled with the results, and quickly noticed an improvement in the comfort and energy efficiency of his home. 

  • CleanSpace and WaterGuard in Stamford, CT
    CleanSpace and WaterGuard in Stamford, CT

    CleanSpace and WaterGuard in Stamford, CT

    This Stamford, CT home had a basement that was suffering from serious water damage. Water had been leaking in at the seam where this basement wall meets the floor, and was causing the base of the wall to rot away. This leak was turning the basement into an eyesore, and made it susceptible to mold growth. Seeking a solution for his problem, the homeowner did some online research and decided to schedule an appointment with the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems. 

    Soon after, sales representative Gary Meglino traveled to the home and met with the homeowner. Gary entered the basement and made an efficient assessment of the problem, then shared his findings with the homeowner. Together, they found the solution that would work best for him and his home. In the end, they agreed that the best option was to correct the problem using WaterGuard and CleanSpace. 

    WaterGuard is a patented below-floor drain that is installed along the inside perimeter of the basement walls. As water leaks into the basement, WaterGuard catches it and directs it to a sump pump, which then pumps the water up and out of the basement. Foreman Marcial Lopez and his crew are well-experienced at installing products like WaterGuard, so when they arrived to begin production, they worked carefully and efficiently to rid the home of all basement leaks. Once WaterGuard was installed, the crew finished up by installing CleanSpace along the base of the basement walls where they had worked. CleanSpace is ideal for jobs like this because it acts as a vapor barrier, preventing water vapor and humidity from passing into the basement. This limits basement moisture and helps to prevent mold growth. 

    When the team had finished, the homeowner was thrilled with the results. The unightly damage to his wall was gone, and so was the leak that caused it. The homeowner thanked the crew for their work and took comfort in knowing that his basement water issue had been solved. 

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