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Chuck Stofko

Connecticut Basement Systems

Title: Sales Consultant

Chuck Stofko from Connecticut Basement Systems

Chuck has over 30 years of experience in the home improvement and design industry. Prior to joining Connecticut Basement Systems, he started his career as a laborer installing roofs, siding and windows. He also worked in the remodeling industry, working specifically as a kitchen and bathroom design specialist. Inspired by the books of Larry Janesky and his commitment to protect basements and crawl spaces the right way from the most destructive element on the planet, water, Chuck sought out an opportunity to join the team. When someone puts their trust in his hands to improve what is typically their most valuable investment, Chuck takes that commitment to deliver on that promise very seriously.

With this professional experience, Connecticut Basement Systems saw what an asset Chuck would be to the company, especially with his vast experience in the remodeling industry and brought him on board. He brings a focused, intelligent approach to each job he is involved with and is a true professional. 

Chuck has been thoroughly trained and has earned the highly esteemed title “Certified Waterproofing Professional” through the Basement Systems International Waterproofing Contractor Network. He is a trusted member of Connecticut Basement Systems and upholds the high standards of the company.  

Connecticut Basement Systems is the exclusive regional dealer and the International Headquarters for the Basement Systems International Waterproofing Contractor Network. A group of more than 350 of the best contractors in the world has exclusive access to patented products and comprehensive training. 

Chuck enjoys meeting with homeowners and helping them solve their basement water issues, enabling them to get more out of their homes. Chuck lives in Yorktown Heights, NY and in his spare time enjoys golf, cooking and spending time with his 3 daughters. 

Eric Anderson: "Chuck Showed up at my house for my free estimate and I was very worried at the expense to fix my house. He put my mind at ease. He walked my home and turned to find out my house was stable and there was no issues structurally. House is just settling. Very professional, very honest and right to the point. I wish more companies were like this. Chuck did not come to my house looking to make “a killing “ on a sale. I highly recommend this company to everyone and anyone. They are straight shooters!"

Daniel MacEachron: CT Basement Systems had been recommended to my by a friend who said they fixed the damp-basement problems he'd had for years; his weekend cottage in northeastern Connecticut is adjacent to a pond, so he had constant dampness problems. Also, the contractor renovating our house recommended them highly. Because of the dampness in our basement, the first thing our contractor told me on day one of our renovation was: you need to get a dehumidifier for the basement. The house we're renovating was built in 1925 and a good deal of the crawl space was unfinished soil. Some of the older wood structure above the crawl space was seriously deteriorated as a result. Chuck Stofko was the sales / project manager who came to inspect our house when we made an appointment with CT Basement Systems in July of 2020. Chuck was professional, very knowledgeable, and a great guy. He did a very thorough inspection of our crawl space--which at the time was damp, dark and full of old construction debris and other refuse left by the previous owner. Chuck physically crawled through all of our crawl space with a flashlight, giving me reports on what he saw along the way. He explained thoroughly what he recommended for the water-proofing and insulation of our basement, including the installation of a heavy-duty dehumidifier. Chuck then checked in on the installation, which he came to inspect when it was finished in August 2020. The CT Basement Systems work in our basement and crawl space was transformational. Our contractor and all his subs were thrilled, particularly after the electrician put in some LED lights. Suddenly, what had been a dark, damp, dirty, cob-webby crawl space was bright (CT BS puts down a heavy duty white moisture barrier), clean, dry and easy to work in. Without exaggeration, it looked like a white hospital clean-room when they were finished. I cannot recommend CT Basement Systems and Chuck Stofko highly enough! I love to show our basement and crawl space off to friends and tradesmen who come to the house (though my wife reminds me that not everyone is that interested). Also, everyone I've ever spoken to who knows the work of CT Basement Systems or who has had them do an installation raves about their work as I have here. It is a hugely cost-effective and value-for-money investment to make in your house--reduces energy costs and dramatically reduces the risk of mold, mildew, rot and dry rot in the wood structure of your home. CT Basement Systems has a book called "Crawl Space Science." It is worth reading (or at least skimming) to understand all the ways their work improves and extends the life of your house.

Susan Ealer: "Connecticut Basement Systems did a great job installing a new exterior wall and rim joist waterproof insulation system, sub-floor trench drain, and sump pump along the perimeter of our semi-underground first floor. The customer service was excellent - from the sales team led by Chuck Softko to the technical and production teams. They worked with me to create custom details, recommended and help manage good sub-contractors for related work, were very understanding about delays on our end due to COVID-19, did the job quickly and efficiently, and did additional onsite testing and reviews to make sure the system was working properly. I am an architect with over 20 years experience and I would highly recommend them."

J: "On a recent Saturday morning I discovered a nasty little surprise in the crawl space on one side of my house... about 4 feet of water amounting to hundreds if not thousands of gallons, and the water level was creeping up a couple of inches every hour. I called Chuck at CT Basement Systems (keep in mind I hadn't spoke to Chuck in 18 months) and not only did he pick up on a weekend, he jumped into action immediately. Within 10 minutes I was speaking to Jeff the service manager, and within an hour of my original call I had David in the crawl space with multiple pumps in hand. Hours of pumping later, and after two new sump pumps my issues were handled. Fortunately my boiler and other mechanicals are on the other side of the house but had the water risen much further it would've spilled over and risked tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. As an added bonus David even spray foamed a couple of vents and gaps that he noticed while he was down there, which has already made the crawl space and areas of my living space that much more comfortable. I can't say enough about the responsiveness and professionalism of the CT basement team! I would highly recommend this company."

Gerrick Johnson: "Chuck visited our house to look at a crack in our foundation. He was on time and very professional. He determined the crack was normal settling and the foundation was rock solid. I was relieved. But afterwards my wife scolded me for not bringing Chuck inside to look at some cracks in the drywall. So it took a few weeks, but I emailed Chuck pictures of the cracks and he called right away. He said he was going to be in the area, so stopped by the same day. He walked through the house and took level measurements and determined again that we had no problem. The cracks were either bad craftsmanship or the product of seasonal changes in humidity or temperatures. Both visits were free of charge and very professional. The entire experience was top notch. Highly recommend CT Basement Systems!!"

Matt Bogart: "We live in Armonk, NY and Chuck Stofko and was incredibly helpful, working with us to find the best solution for our basement and within our budget. He assigned an incredible crew of men headed by Kryz Wilk (Senior Foreman), who were diligent, respectful and clean. I am extremely happy with the work and the results and no water in our basement."

Chris Grande: "Our old home is sagging and has a partial dirt crawlspace basement. Our project design consultant Chuck came up with solutions to fix both, and packaged it with other repairs such as windows and rim joist insulation. He took a genuine interest in our home and our family, and made it easier to spend the money. Victor and Noel made professional repairs and cleaned up everything when they were done. Both crews were communicative and answered all of my questions. I really can't say enough good things, the project fit our budget, the repairs were done on time and with quality, and every interaction with CT Basement Systems was professional and positive. Our basement is not usable as anything but storage, but Chuck from start to finish added so much value with his knowledge and professionalism, I felt comfortable paying for the needed repairs. Great experience, highly recommended! Thanks Chuck, Noel, Victor, and CT Basement Systems!"

Debra D. Gilp: "If there was a 10 star I would give a ten to this company. I had some concerns regarding cracked foundation around my home. I contacted CBS, Chuck arrived to the appointment on time and was very pleasant. He analyzed the foundation outside, then ventured indoors with his leveler, he checked every corner floor to ceiling. He then advised me my home was fine. Now we had 2 prior consultation from other well known companies and was quoted $90K and upwards to repair the same job. So homeowners beware. If looking for foundation repairs do not hesitate to at least consult with Connecticut Basement Systems before sighting that contract. It could save you several thousands of dollars!"

Nicholas Bullock: "We discovered a foundation issue while renovating a newly purchased home. Once found, we were afraid the job would cost and arm and a leg, and delay completing the work for weeks. Our sales rep, Chuck, was able to push us to the front of the line given the time sensitivity of our situation. Segio and his team were able to get in just 2 days later and they finished the job in less than 1 day. Lifesavers for us. Highly recommend."

Customer Reviews
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  • By Gloria L.
    Tarrytown, NY

    Customer Review

    By Gloria L.
    Tarrytown, NY

  • By Brett B.
    Harrison, NY

    "Chuck was knowledgeable and responsive every step of the way"

    Customer Review

    By Brett B.
    Harrison, NY

    Chuck was knowledgeable and responsive every step of the way

  • By Edward And Joanne K.
    Waccabuc, NY

    Customer Review

    By Edward And Joanne K.
    Waccabuc, NY

  • By Judy M.
    East Haven, CT

    Customer Review

    By Judy M.
    East Haven, CT

from customers I've helped!
  • "Before I contacted Connecticut Basement Systems, my basement floor was consistently wet. The water would seep..." Read Full Testimonial

    Daniel R. of Tarrytown, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Before I contacted Connecticut Basement Systems, my basement floor was consistently wet. The water would seep in through the walls near the floor, worsening after any amount of rain. Connecticut Basement Systems installed perimeter drain around the basement to catch whatever water was entering the basement, a Triple Safe Sump Pump, and I had the Clean Space wall liner put in. I noticed the difference immediately. My floor is now consistently dry, which it has never been before. Also, the Clean Space wall liner has dramatically changed the appearance of the basement. The old concrete walls were really dark and cruddy looking and the wall liner really brightened and cleaned up the look of my basement. The work completed by Connecticut Basement Systems has truly improved my home. I can now actually use my basement and not have to worry about putting on boots first. Before the installation, we were scared to store anything down there with the risk of getting everything wet and moldy. My basement was a complete waste of space before. Now I utilize the space partially as a storage area and partially a work area for hobbies. My experience with the Connecticut Basement Systems team has been exceptional from start to finish. Chuck arrived for the consultation and immediately identified the trouble areas in the basement and explained how they could be remedied. Chuck was able to answer all of my questions with confidence, which was very reassuring. On the day of the installation, Noel and his crew showed up on time. Noel walked me through the whole installation process and explained the work to be done, step by step. They did a great job of covering everything in the basement with plastic, as to keep the dust off. After that, they got right to work and were able to finish the entire job before 5:00p.m. I have never seen a crew work as hard as these guys did that day. Everyone on the crew was respectful and neat, they cleaned all the debris from the basement and did not leave any other mess. I was thoroughly impressed. I would refer Connecticut Basement Systems to anyone with the same basement issues as I had. The entire process is easy, and I am confident in the work that was done. The work was a cost effective solution that greatly improved the quality of my basement and home and there was no cost or fee that was unexplained. Chuck and the Connecticut Basement Systems team are the best!
    Daniel R.
    Tarrytown, NY
  • "Several months ago, I had a serious mold issue in my new home. After not knowing where to turn I found..." Read Full Testimonial

    Pete S. of Port Chester, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Several months ago, I had a serious mold issue in my new home. After not knowing where to turn I found Connecticut Basement Systems but more importantly I found Chuck Stofko. Chuck accurately diagnosed the problem, gave a PowerPoint presentation that was both educational and informative. He walked me through every single step and assured me that the problem would be gone, but that he wouldn’t! He continues to call to make sure that everything is working properly just as promised. When dealing with these types of problems you come across many people who tell you one thing and do another. Chuck is definitely NOT one of those people. I feel that not only have I chosen a good company, but I realized that I could not have had a better representative than Chuck. His professionalism and work ethic were remarkable, and I now consider him my friend.
    Pete S.
    Port Chester, NY
  • "Chuck was great help to me! I also love the products that Connecticut Basement Systems offers." Read Full Testimonial

    Christian D. of Thornwood, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Chuck was great help to me! I also love the products that Connecticut Basement Systems offers.
    Christian D.
    Thornwood, NY
  • "I sincerely appreciated the honesty and quick diagnosis. I would absolutely do business with them again" Read Full Testimonial

    Cory N. of Courtlandt, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Chuck Stofko and Bill Anderson came to our house at no charge and started analyzing our issue. They even cut into some walls to identify the source of the odor. They quickly identified the problem was coming from the outside, which essentially took the work away from them. They took the time to discuss our options and even followed up in that they were looking for local providers to help out. I sincerely appreciated the honesty and quick diagnosis. I would absolutely do business with them again
    Cory N.
    Courtlandt, NY
  • "The Board and I were impressed with your time and presentation concerning a specific basement issue we've..." Read Full Testimonial

    Bonnie D. of Croton Falls, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Please accept this correspondence as my heart-felt thanks for an exceptional job and as a reference which I'd be pleased for you to share as you wish. I have been in the property management business for 25+ years and have come across my share of drainage issues. The Board and I were impressed with your time and presentation concerning a specific basement issue we've been attempting to remediate for several months - though unsuccessfully until you offered what turned out to be the perfect solution. I also greatly appreciate how accessible you were during the whole project.
    Bonnie D.
    Croton Falls, NY
  • "We feel so extremely fortunate and grateful to have had Chuck come to us and relieve the stress we were..." Read Full Testimonial

    Edward and Joanne K. of Waccabuc, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              We are in the process of selling our home and the prospective buyer had an inspection done and the inspector pointed out 11 cracks in the basement walls which we agreed to fix. It was difficult to find anyone available to come after the recent storm . One gentleman came and gave us a price for the work. We felt we should get another opinion which was not easy as everyone was booked out until January. When I called Connecticut Basements Systems, they were booked out as well but we were fortunate that one of their representatives , Chuck Stofko, was working in the area that day and willing to take time out and give us his opinion . To our surprise he informed us that there were only two cracks that needed to be addressed. He also took the time to make a video explaining everything to our buyer who was unable to be here and said he would make himself available to him if he had any further questions or concerns. We were so impressed by his knowledge and ability to clearly explain everything to us and the procedure used in the repairs. We were prepared to fix all the cracks found by the buyers inspection were it not for Chuck Stofko and his expertise and honesty. He went over everything and made us feel confident with the procedure and understand why the 2 cracks needed repair and the others were nothing of concern as they were just settling cracks on a home that is 18 years old. We feel so extremely fortunate and grateful to have had Chuck come to us and relieve the stress we were feeling about getting the job done properly. Will recommend him and this company to anyone in need of basement work.
    Edward and Joanne K.
    Waccabuc, NY
  • "Chuck was very pleasant!" Read Full Testimonial

    Mary S. of Westport, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Chuck was very pleasant!
    Mary S.
    Westport, CT
  • "I want to just say thank you for Bill, Jason, and Chuck -- along with all the crew. They made it great and a..." Read Full Testimonial

    Andrea S. of Meriden, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              I want to just say thank you for Bill, Jason, and Chuck -- along with all the crew. They made it great and a stress-free process. Bill came to the rescue and assigned Chuck.
    Andrea S.
    Meriden, CT