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Work Requests in Waterbury

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Waterbury. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Waterbury and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Waterbury, CT
Vicinity of Alberta St in Waterbury
1920 house. Some flooding with long rain or wind and downpours
Vicinity of Hauser St in Waterbury
Flooded basement
Vicinity of Highland Dr in Waterbury
I would like my original basement windows (1955) replaced. 5 total.
Vicinity of Regency Hill in Waterbury
We would like to fully finish our basement, and discuss converting it into 2 rooms (a living space and bedroom) and possibly adding a bathroom.
Vicinity of Highland Ave in Waterbury
I just want to finish my basement but I didn't know who to go to.
Vicinity of Moranst in Waterbury
Sump pump installation
Vicinity of Cooke Street in Waterbury
Foundation structure is fine. Looking to stabilize the home structure from settling. Need pillars and maybe some beams installed to balance the load in the basement. If you don't perform this type of work, can you refer me to a reputable company in the area. Thanks
Vicinity of Mt. Carmel Ave in Waterbury
We are in the process of selling our house and the following came in on the inspection report - Inspector's Comment: It was observed in the crawlspace that there was standing water observed on top of the vapor barrier. It appears that the water is coming from the side settlement crack in the foundation wall. It could also be coming from under the vapor barrier through a torn seam. This area should be evaluated by a waterproofing specialist to determine the exact location and point of entry of the water and to repair as needed. Allow for the proper repairs the the water intrusion by a licensed water proofing contractor.
Vicinity of Madeline Avenue in Waterbury
We have an unfinished basement that we would like to get an estimate on to be finished.
Vicinity of Summer Street in Waterbury
We have been rehabbing a 1890's home and recently with the rain we've had the basement has been damp. There appears to be water drain off that is running behind the stone foundation which you can see through a crack in the wall. It's definitely leaking a little into the basement.
Vicinity of Cables Avenue in Waterbury
High humidity basement with a stone foundation. High likelihood of mold.
Vicinity of North Main St Waterbury Ct in Waterbury
Comment: Service Basement Waterproofing Source Facebook/Instagram Homeowner? Yes
Vicinity of Herschel Ave in Waterbury
It seems that the foundation is cracking and causing a side of my house to start to sink.
Vicinity of ASHLAND AVE in Waterbury
Finish our basement. 800-1000 SQ feet. Bathroom as well.
Vicinity of Middle Street in Waterbury
Need to have someone explain system to me. plus want to put a window in the outside wall of the basement located at 110 middle street
Vicinity of Moreland Avenue in Waterbury
Want to refinish our basement into an in law apartment.
Vicinity of Hudson in Waterbury
Foundation wall in garage is seeping water when ever it rain
Vicinity of Emerald Pines Rd in Waterbury
Would like to have basement finished and would like to know your payment plans and pricing
Vicinity of Meriden Rd. in Waterbury
This is a 16-unit condominium building built on a slab that may need to be repaired.
Vicinity of Edgewood Avenue in Waterbury
We moved into a new home several months ago and found we have a lot of moisture in our basement and a bit of water that trickles in through the garage door when it rains. We eventually want to finish the space to use a living space (including closing off the garage door and placing a regular entrance door), but know we need to seal/waterproof the area first, and possibly raise the floor. We were hoping to get a quote on what waterproofing it would cost us.
Vicinity of Locust St in Waterbury
House sloping unleveled
Vicinity of Locust St in Waterbury
House sloping
Vicinity of Locust St in Waterbury
House sloping
Vicinity of Parkwood Ave in Waterbury
Cracks on Foundation
Vicinity of Fairbanks St in Waterbury
Just want to get a price to finish my basement
Vicinity of Kara Drive in Waterbury
I currently have some cracking in my basement concrete
Vicinity of Manor Ave in Waterbury
Stone foundation is leaking through the walls when we have heavy rains and flooding the basement up to a quarter inch of water
Vicinity of Francisco Circle in Waterbury
I've noticed that when it rains the water leaks
Vicinity of Cardinal Lane in Waterbury
Comment: Service Total Basement Finishing Source Facebook/Instagram Homeowner? No
Vicinity of Anna Ave in Waterbury
Basement takes on water
Vicinity of WHITE OAK LANE in Waterbury
Vicinity of Old Colony Drive in Waterbury
Already have a sump pump, possible upgrade. Battery backup.
Vicinity of ASHLAND AVE in Waterbury
Finishing 800 sq ft basement
Vicinity of Fulkerson Drive in Waterbury
This is a 2 room unfinished basement that I would like to convert into a family room
Vicinity of Chase Pkwy in Waterbury
House very old built 1925 looks like foundation needs help we want free estimate
Vicinity of Stiles Street in Waterbury
I'm considering purchasing a house located in Waterbury and during our inspection we came across a crack in the foundation under the garage as well as some separation from the foundation. We were looking at getting an estimate as to the cost to repair it.
Vicinity of Atwood Ave in Waterbury
I'm looking to do a partial basement remodel. I would need new floors, walls, windows and possibly waterproofing. I am also wondering if a bathroom can be installed.
Vicinity of Arline Dr in Waterbury
I would enjoy to have my lower level brought up to a peaceful functional living space..
Vicinity of Lakeside Boulevard East in Waterbury
Water in unfinished part of my basement
Vicinity of Fieldwood Rd in Waterbury
During heavy downpours, water gets into my basement by the corner of the house.
Vicinity of Shadee Lane in Waterbury
There are some spots where water comes in when the water table rises. I can send some pictures.
Vicinity of Charter Ave in Waterbury
Just want to know the cost to finish/ remodel my basement
Vicinity of Longmeadow Drive in Waterbury
My crawl space makes the house extremely cold and I would like a estimate on insulation.
Vicinity of Morton Rd in Waterbury
Vicinity of Adelaide Ave in Waterbury
My floors have begin to Sag in two places
Vicinity of Scott Rd. in Waterbury
I need to have my basement remodeled after water damage that may have deteriorated the sill plate to my condominium apartment.
Vicinity of Catalina Drive in Waterbury
Crack in foundation of garage area.Might interfere with garage operation.
Vicinity of Hampton Rd in Waterbury
Hi, interested in getting a free estimate for a basement finishing.
Vicinity of Bunker Hill Ave in Waterbury
Foundation in garage
Vicinity of in Waterbury
Joint cracks along area where walk out concrete foundation wall and basement floor meet.
Vicinity of Joy Rd in Waterbury
We have a crack in the foundation of our home and were wondering if it would be a problem if we decided to expand or if leaving it would cause problems further down the road.
Vicinity of Euclid Avenue in Waterbury
Want to finish our basement. Need waterproofing first.
Vicinity of Bennett Ave in Waterbury
Water through lowest area in foundation.
Vicinity of Oronoke Rd in Waterbury
A Crack on the exterior foundation.
Vicinity of Macarthur Dr. in Waterbury
My basement seems to have a drainage system around the edges, that leads to a sump that all seems to be working, however I have some leaks/seepage through some parts of the wall/floor and would like an estimate on a potential repair/fix.
Vicinity of CLINTON STREET in Waterbury
Vicinity of CLINTON STREET in Waterbury
Vicinity of Forest Ridge Rd in Waterbury
Several puddles of water in part of my basement
Vicinity of East Main St in Waterbury
Want to make my basement into a 1 bedroom apartment & other half a studio room
Vicinity of in Waterbury
Basement flooring and drop ceiling
Vicinity of Barsalou Ave in Waterbury
House has a dip to one side was considering fixing before I remodel
Vicinity of in Waterbury
Need basement winterized
Vicinity of Congress Ave in Waterbury
Just want to know a price
Vicinity of Thrushwood Pl in Waterbury
We recently purchased our home and have a finished basement. We have noticed moisture, even though we have a dehumidifier running. There is also a sump pump, but I don't believe it is connected. I would like to know what my options are to eliminate the moisture that we are having to deal with. The best way to reach me is via e-mail, as there isn't always someone at home during the day. Thank you, Doreen
Vicinity of Beth Lane in Waterbury
I need to waterproof my basement. Roughly 100ft by 25ft
Vicinity of Chestnut Hill Ave in Waterbury
Finish half of a basement - walls, electrical, flooring, etc.
Vicinity of Santa Maria Drive in Waterbury
Complete basement remodeling
Vicinity of Spread Oak Lane in Waterbury
We have water in our basement and everytime we get it up it comes back down there dont know why need help
Vicinity of Oronoke Rd, in Waterbury
We are looking to finish our basement. The previous owner did some of it but we we need to have it done properly as we have a five month old who needs somewhere to play! we are unsure of what type of flooring would best for the area. there is a sump pump and the neighbor to one side of us has complained of water damage in their basement but there are no signs of it in ours. We would like an opinion and quote to see how or if we can begin this process. Thank you Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Oliver Ave in Waterbury
Water center floor of basement
Vicinity of Corneluis Ave in Waterbury
I have a big basement would like afamily room three bedrooms and a laundry and half bathroom in it Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Mountain Laurel Drive in Waterbury
Water leaks in basement. There's a 'V' shape Crack in basement room need to waterproof basement
Vicinity of Highland Dr in Waterbury
Need basement dried out cleaned and waterproofed have old sump pump hole and pump need estimate of cost
Vicinity of Circular Ave. in Waterbury
No water or seepage problems. Just want to make some additional usable space in our basement.
Vicinity of Alisha Ln in Waterbury
We would like to get an estimate on refinishing a basement. 28/21
Vicinity of Lamont Street in Waterbury
Basement water
Vicinity of Deepwood Drive in Waterbury
When there a lot of rain our garage and basement flood.
Vicinity of Townsend Ave in Waterbury
Cracks in bedroom walls and structure in garage
Vicinity of Corona Dr in Waterbury
Unfinished basement currently. with some water seeping though the floor when it rains heavy.
Vicinity of Euclid Ave in Waterbury
Water coming in through one of my basement walls.
Vicinity of Winchester St in Waterbury
I would like to have my basement turned into a studio apartment with a kitchen and bathroom
Vicinity of Wislock St in Waterbury
Need to add space for a growing family in my rental property (tenant is family). Cost is a concern. I need to know what are options to create a family room keeping costs down.
Vicinity of CORNELUIS AVE in Waterbury
Vicinity of in Waterbury
Basements smells and some things not packed in bins get moldy over time.
Vicinity of East Mountain Rd in Waterbury
I need to clean out the basement. Throw junk in the basement out. Remove any unnecessary items.
Vicinity of Nelson Ave in Waterbury
Remodel whole basement
Vicinity of Columbia Blvd in Waterbury
Water comes into my basement during heavy rains. I'd like to see what can be done to waterproof it.
Vicinity of BALDWIN ST in Waterbury
We need a new sump pump system and also interested in battery backup system.
Vicinity of Jewelry Street in Waterbury
Leaning interior walls of 5 unit building, the structure only has one beam in basement, which could be the source of the leaning issues on the 1st floor.
Vicinity of Wolcott St in Waterbury
Foundation crumbling and water getting in floor has cracks also..........
Vicinity of Moran St in Waterbury
Wet basement
Vicinity of Waterville St in Waterbury
Vicinity of Gaylord Drive in Waterbury
-> Walls in my garage leak water when it rains. Leak occurs primarily in one area however i am afraid it will spring up elsewhere. -> Went into my basement and noticed the carpet was wet after a torrential rain downpour. I believe the same issue is occurring here as well. -> Depending on the cost, I will likely seek financing as an option. -> Do you warranty your work? if-so for how long?
Vicinity of Chestnut Hill Ave in Waterbury
Confirm no leaks in the basement, design a finished basement to include a bath, small work out area, bar and entertainment section.
Vicinity of Esther Ave in Waterbury
We currently have a partially finished basement including a full bath. Also, there is an area above the French doors going to the backyard that has a history of being wet, and on occasion there is water in other parts of the basement. We are interested in pricing out waterproofing and possibly finishing our basement. Looking to have this done ASAP.
Vicinity of Bucks Hill Rd. in Waterbury
Have a condo- end unit, that has previously leaked. There is approx. 30 ft. of basement wall that is pockmarked and just not a smooth surface that I started putting drylock on.It's just ugly. Would like to see what I could do to "dress it up" while not using any more basement space. Thank you.
Vicinity of Yale Street in Waterbury
Would like an around about estimate on how much it would cost to resupport basement main bearing structural joist.
Vicinity of Eastern Ave in Waterbury
Bought a house in Watertown. The center support in the basement is wood and beginning to sink, causing the first floor to dip. Need to replace this support beam with two lally columns. Also need a quote on refinishing the basement.
Vicinity of Robert in Waterbury
There is always a flow of water coming in the basement a sump pump is set, is just from one side I'd like to know if there is a way to make the water stop coming in.
Vicinity of Clematis Ave in Waterbury
Need a basement finishing. Need a free quote, however, there may be some covered, contained Asbestos in the basement. What are the steps for finishing this basement? and how much will this cost me?
Vicinity of Oakville Ave in Waterbury
There's some mold along with a musty smell. Thanks
Vicinity of East Main ST in Waterbury
Requesting quote on my basement.
Vicinity of Birchwood Street in Waterbury
Vicinity of Springdale Avenue in Waterbury
Getting ready to sell house and need to address water issue in basement. Looking for estimate to install sump pump.
Vicinity of Ridgeland Drive in Waterbury
We would like a quote for waterproofing our basement before we finish it. A Saturday appointment would be preferable. Thank you!
Vicinity of Cardinal Lane in Waterbury
I would like a quote, thank you.
Vicinity of Oronoke Rd in Waterbury
We are interested in getting a quote on finishing our basement. Please let us know what information you require in order to provide us with a quote. Thank you.
Vicinity of Hewey Street in Waterbury
I would like a specialist to visit and provide an estimate.
Vicinity of Jersey Street in Waterbury
Hurrican Irene destroyed my finished basement. I took on 15 inches of water and with the recent rain storms am filling up again. After the finishing is ripped out I will need this basement sealed properly.
Vicinity of Oakville Ave, in Waterbury
Have external foundation crack, below the grade, which is allowing water to leak into basement.
Vicinity of Hampton Road in Waterbury
Hi - I'm looking to get a quote on waterproofing my basement. I have consistently had water coming in through the floor and walls (not a lot) since having the house built in 2008. Thanks, Anthony
Vicinity of Midland Rd. in Waterbury
My basement leaks alot of water. I'm sure the foundation needs repair. I always have to wet vac when it rains. When can I get my free estimate?
Vicinity of Piping Rock Drive in Waterbury
Interested in the effective waterproofing system, sump pump and dehumidifier.
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