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Connecticut Basement Systems Case Studies: Service Maintenance in Waterbury, CT

Thursday, December 14th, 2017 by Sara Figueroa


This Waterbury home scheduled their annual maintenance by calling in and setting a time and date with our Appointment Center. The Service Technician assigned to this service appointment was Justin Jaffer who has been with Connecticut Basement Systems for over 4 years! After reviewing the paperwork for this stop, according to the notes the TripleSafe sump pump had not been serviced in over a year, which is concerning since it is very important to have at minimum, a yearly maintenance on a sump pump system. Without a routine maintenance, many factors can make the system run less efficiently.  


On the day of the service appointment, Justin arrived at the home and immediately spoke to the homeowner. He explained the entire procedure that is included in an annual maintenance and once the homeowner was informed, he went to the basement to inspect the system. This particular basement had our full perimeter WaterGuard system and a TripleSafe Sump Pump. Justin first inspected the TripleSafe and immediately recognized a problem, there was no power to the system. He then looked at the circuit breaker and realized that a breaker had been tripped which caused there to be no power to the system. Clearly, that is not a good sign. He then opened up the TripleSafe sump pump and instantly knew what had happened. The entire basin was clogged with iron. With all of this iron build-up, it clogged the breathing hole of the primary pump which ultimately obstructed the pump. Since the primary pump had failed due to the iron, the secondary pump took over and was still discharging the water away from the home. This is a great benefit of the TripleSafe in scenarios like this one. Even if the primary pump fails, there is still a secondary pump and a battery backup that will keep your basement dry all year long. 

The first step to servicing this sump pump was to clear the iron from the system as best as possible. Not only did Justin get the iron build-up out, but he also scrubbed all of the other parts of the system, removing any discoloration or stains. Once the iron was removed, Justin had to replace the primary pump with a new one and then replace the battery. Once the sump pump was iron-free and the parts were replaced, Justin checked the water flow from the WaterGuard System to the TripleSafe just to make sure that the system was working correctly, which it was. Normally, a service appointment includes cleaning out the basin and checking to make sure all breathing holes and parts are clear and working properly. Since this sump pump was not serviced in over a year, parts needed to be replaced. 

Justin recommended to the homeowner that his TripleSafe sump pump should have a maintenance done every six months due to the iron build up so the system can run properly through the whole year and especially through the heavy rains!  

Once Justin completed the service appointment, the system was left in pristine condition and was running perfectly! 

It is important to maintenance your sump pump to avoid replacing parts or more drastically be left with a wet basement. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today! 1-800-541-0487

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