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Crawl Space Repair - Crawl Space Encapsulation in Connecticut | The Canton Hollow Condominium Case Study

For more than 20 years the residents of Canton Hollow Condominium, a 4-building, 36-unit condominium complex in CT, had tried to solve their damp, moldy, rotting crawl space problems without success. Not only were these attempts unsuccessful, but some of them, like adding more vents to the crawl space, actually made things worse. In October of 2003, one of the unit owners called Connecticut Basement Systems for help. As the design specialist inspected the unit he saw all the crawl spaces in the complex were connected by passage ways, and they were all in very bad shape. There was mold growing on wood joists and insulation, and some of the wood was beginning to rot, posing structural concerns. In some units the floor above the crawl was so rotten it caved in. The vents were also causing pipes to freeze and burst, and the residents complained about cold floors and drafts coming from the crawl. It was a 36-unit mold and rot nightmare their residents could not escape from, because the terrible conditions in the crawl space rendered these condos virtually impossible to sell.

Connecticut Basement System offered a solution that was completely different of anything the were offered or heard of before. They sealed all the vents, upgraded the sump pump systems, and lined all the crawl spaces in all the units with the CleanSpace® liner, to completely isolate the crawl from ground moisture and outside air. Powerful crawl space dehumidifiers were used to condition the air sealed crawl space and keep moisture down to levels where mold and rot can't develop. Canton Hollow residents now not only enjoy clean, healthy and mold free crawl spaces; they also spend much less in energy bills because crawl space encapsulation makes the whole house more energy efficient.

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