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Customer Testimonial from Tom & Pia L. in East Berlin, CT

I want to compliment Connecticut Basement Systems and just as importantly your team for being so dedicated, hardworking, and customer focused. My first contact with Connecticut Basement Systems was in 2018 when we first realized we had a basement water issue.  Our basement which included living space was damaged by ground water.  I contacted your company and soon met Jimmy Stablein who I quickly realized was very knowledgeable about such water issues. His recommendation to install water guard and the SuperSump system was what we chose.  The job was handled professionally and Jimmy was very supportive during the sale, installation, and even after the installation.  Not many people in sales do that!
Only later would we come to realize that much more was happening below ground and additional pumping capacity would be required. The second water event took place after the first SuperSump install.   After that incident Jimmy coordinated with Jason Wood and Jeff Allen who traveled out to Berlin the very same day they learned of the new incident.  They were not in and out of the house instead took significant time to understand what they believed should be the next best steps.  There quick response that day was so impressive as Seymour is not close to Berlin by any stretch. It was agreed that larger pumps plus an additional SuperSump was required.  They fast tracked the installation and service because everyone understood the house was at that point vulnerable to more water seepage. My family was one big rain event away from another flood of our finished lower level. Bill Anderson also became involved from headquarters.  
While I can't touch on everything that took place I want you both to know just how much our family thinks of Connecticut Basement Systems and the superb team you have in place.  They did the right thing during our time of need. I will always promote your products and service whenever the opportunity presents. My wife and I have been spreading the word about the wonderful people that do make Connecticut Basement Systems simply the best. Thank you!
- Tom & Pia L. of East Berlin, CT
Wednesday, February 26th