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What Happened to Connecticut Basement Systems Radon?

I am Larry Janesky, founder and owner of Connecticut Basement Systems, the "All Things Basementy" company in Seymour CT.  Many people are confused about what happened to a company that sounds like us, but isn't, and this letter will hopefully clear things up.

Seymour, CT - November 10, 2022

What happened to Connecticut Basement Systems RADON?

I am Larry Janesky, founder and owner of Connecticut Basement Systems, the “All Things Basementy” company in Seymour CT.  Many people are confused about what happened to a company that sounds like us, but isn’t, and this letter will hopefully clear things up.

I started Connecticut Basement Systems in 1987 and took on a partner, Steve Senkowicz.  At the time we offered radon services and basement waterproofing.  After a few years it became apparent that we had much different philosophies and we decided to split the company in 1994 - 28 years ago.  Steve would take the radon services and I agreed never to offer radon services.  I took the basement waterproofing part of it.

When we split, neither of us wanted to change our name since people knew us.  So I kept the Connecticut Basement Systems name and Steve stuck the word Radon onto it for his new company, and we carried on.

Fast forward 28 years to 2022.  Our company moved to Seymour in 1997 and has grown dramatically.  We have 250 employees and offer waterproofing, crawl space repair, foundation repair, basement finishing, and air sealing and insulation services.  We built a brand new 77,000 square foot building for our team to provide excellent service to our customers deep into the future.  We have had the same phone number for 35 years and have never failed to answer it promptly and be there 100% for the public, the community and our customers.

Meanwhile,  Connecticut Basement Systems Radon rents a small building in Stratford, and has 20 employees doing radon work and well water treatment.  There is a dramatic difference between us.

In late October of 2022, Steve Senkowicz died suddenly.  The family does not want anything to do with the business and turned it over to their attorney.  This is the wrong thing to do in my opinion. The paychecks for the 20 employees did not clear that week.  Their staff did not know what to do and no one offered any solutions.  So they went home and stopped answering the phones.

At the time they had jobs sold that they had taken deposits for, and many service appointments scheduled.  I offered to step in and help even though it is not my company, but the attorneys instructed us not to, even when I made a plea to do the right thing by customers.

Some customers found my company due to the similar name and called us, and we could only give them the information we had.  We were as frustrated as anyone.

The company had some great employees, including a great friend of mine who served as the General Manager - Matt Bednarz.  Matt has decided to open his own company to step in and fill the void, called Connecticut Radon and Well Water Solutions.  Not to be more confusing, but his new operation is located in our town - Seymour, because he happens to live here.  Matt’s new business is NOT part of my business, and is not at our location, but we are referring them.  Their phone number is 203-903-6665.

Matt and his team are the veterans from what is now a defunct Connecticut Basement Systems RADON, and of course know about all the equipment and systems they have ever installed and are capable of servicing it.

We hope this clears things up more about what happened.  For more details, please call the new company about radon or well water services.


Larry Janesky


Connecticut Basement Systems

“All Things Basementy!”

60 Silvermine Road

Seymour CT 06483



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