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Shake, Rattle & Roll? Did the Earth Move?

Did you feel the earth move under your feet? Were you feeling a little “off -balance?” No, you were not imagining the shake… its been confirmed. It was a real earthquake! The quake, which struck at approximately 7:15pm on Tuesday, was located in southern Maine with the epicenter located 3 miles west of Portland, ME.

The shake did not stop there…it was felt in many areas of Massachusetts including Boston, and to the shoreline of Connecticut, as well. The residents of Maine, obviously felt it the worst, with what most described as a very loud “bang” similar to the sound of an explosion and it lasted for 20-30 seconds. Others described the sound like that of a huge car-crash.

Ok, so an earthquake strikes the Northeast, is your home damaged? The 4.5 magnitude quake rattled some nerves, but did it also cause damage to the foundation(s) of the surrounding homes? According to one online source, a resident of Maine tweeted that the quake put several small cracks in the foundation of her home.

If there are hairline stress cracks in your foundation that you can see, there may also be cracks in deeper state, which you cannot see. In an earthquake, the foundation support of your home may be compromised.

If these cracks leave the foundation in a “compromised” state, they can later become bigger problems.

If these issues are addressed in the early stages, the foundation damage may be more easily repaired and minimized from major risk. Foundation repair is a safe and affordable way of resolving the “unsettling” foundation problems.

Experienced foundation repair specialists have access to new technology that can stabilize and strengthen soil at different depths. They also specialize in solving foundation problems with the installation of foundation piers, wall anchors, and other solutions, if needed.

Connecticut Basement Systems offers a free estimate and foundation inspection in case your home has foundation cracks, shifting, bowing, settling, etc. They will assess any damage or issues with your foundation and advise the best way possible to repair the problem if there is one.

Save the biggest investment you will ever make from losing value, by repairing the problem as soon as it occurs. Contact the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems today for a free estimate.