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#CompanyTruckTuesday - The History of Connecticut Basement Systems

As the largest basement waterproofing company in Connecticut, Connecticut Basement Systems (CTBS) has seen substantial growth over the past few years. Not only have our buildings and locations become much larger, but our network has increased significantly. 


Our Basement Systems network has expanded across the United States, and it doesn’t stop there. We also cover parts of Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, with almost 400 contractors around the world. Over the last 30 years, CTBS has provided service to over 85,000 homeowners in Connecticut and New York. Our sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and French drain systems have been helping homeowners for years. 


Our company loves sharing home solutions with our customers, but we also love sharing the story of our heritage. A fun way to see just how much CTBS has grown is right here on our company trucks! 

#CompanyTruckTuesday - The History of Connecticut Basement Systems - Image 1


If you’ve had any type of service done by CTBS, or you live local to Connecticut and Westchester County, you might have seen one of our many trucks cruising the streets. Due to the more recent rains, we’ve been busier than ever running Service appointments and installing waterproofing systems. CTBS has been experiencing some of the highest call volumes we’ve ever seen, sending more trucks out on the road to help tend to our existing customers, and our new customers looking for long-term solutions. With new appointments come new homeowners, bringing our number of CT & NY homes serviced up every single day.


#CompanyTruckTuesday - The History of Connecticut Basement Systems - Image 2

Next time you happen to spot one at your home or on the road, check and see the numbers on the truck itself -- just to see how much we’ve grown. Thank you so much for keeping us busy!


#CompanyTruckTuesday - The History of Connecticut Basement Systems - Image 3