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Annual Maintenance Ride Along

Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 by Leslie Pizzagalli

It’s time for another ride along blog! I joined forces (on behalf of Connecticut Basement Systems’ Marketing Department) with Contractor Nation’s photographer, Mike, to tackle an Annual Maintenance appointment. As two employees who have never seen a Service job performed, we were thrilled to tag along with Senior Service Technician, Tony DiLonardo, and watch the inner workings of Annual Maintenance first hand. This appointment was a learning experience, as well as a fantastic photo opportunity!

Annual Maintenance Ride Along - Image 1

Tony and the team headed to Oxford, CT. This home belonged to a customer who has been using our company for several years -- since 2012 to be exact! These homeowners have been greeted by quite a few CTBS Service technicians over the years, but this was Tony’s first time stopping by the residence, despite his 15+ years with the company. 

This homeowner needed maintenance performed on both their dehumidifier and their sump pump systems. Once Tony arrived, he began the process, starting with the TripleSafe Sump Pump. The float switch and intake of the systems are examined for any potential issues. Followed by that, the intake valves are cleaned and checked closely. Overall, the customer’s pumps were cleaned, cycled, and water tested. The liner was cleaned as well. 

Annual Maintenance Ride Along - Image 2

The battery was replaced in the WaterWatch alarm -- an occurrence that should happen each year at a customer’s Annual Maintenance appointment. This alarm sounds off if there is water in unusual or damaging places, helping to prevent basement flooding before it begins. After the replacement, the battery is then tested. 

Annual Maintenance Ride Along - Image 3

After the sump, The SaniDry XP System was serviced and cleaned. The SaniDry has two filters that need maintenance -- one that is cleaned, and one that is replaced. The maintenance of a SaniDry consists of an inspection, followed by oiling and examining the inside parts. 

Annual Maintenance Ride Along - Image 4

Finally, the discharge line is checked just to make sure the water is not clogged or leaking elsewhere. This process is quick, checking for signs of freezing and other potential problems. 

Annual Maintenance Ride Along - Image 5

Both systems were clear and working well before and after the maintenance, but an Annual Maintenance appointment ensures that any issues found within a homeowner’s systems will immediately be resolved. CTBS wants to make sure our customers have sump pumps and dehumidifiers working at peak performance for years to come. 

Tony walked the team through the process, explaining the different components of the systems and how they worked together. After he was finished, he gave us a brief tour of the tools and equipment in his Service truck. Tony informed us that neglecting to service your SaniDry and TripleSafe systems could lead to basement flooding. Blocked discharge lines and system issues can harm a home quickly, so do not skip out at having your systems checked. It is important to make sure your systems are working the same way they were from the moment they were installed. 

After Tony packs up his tools, he replaced the homeowner’s system with a new sticker, indicating a date for their next maintenance appointment. A job well done -- go team!

Annual Maintenance Ride Along - Image 6

For more information regarding Annual Maintenance, or if you need to schedule a maintenance for your systems, visit our website by clicking here