Sump Pump Maintenance: Why it Can't Wait

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 by Jacques Bouchard

Muddy Sump Pump Pit New HavenMany homeowners in Connecticut treat their sump pump systems like an "install it and forget it" project. 

In other words, they're willing to have the work done to install the system in the first place, but after they've seen it keep the basement dry through a rainstorm or two, they don't think of it again unless they find their basement has flooded.

But did you install a basement waterproofing system to delay when your basement would flood next, or did you install it because you want your basement dry all the time?

If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix it

Muddy Sump Pump Pit in Bridgeport

Some see this old phrase as a timeless piece of wisdom.  But how will you know when the sump pump IS broken? 

Unfortunately, you won't know until the basement actually floods.

An unserviced sump pump with a flood alarm will not sound if it floods. Why not?  Because the alarms on the sump pumps have batteries with limited lifespans.  If these batteries are never replaced, they will stop working.

Has it been several years since your sump pump system has been serviced?  Your sump system may be one rainstorm away from a system failure!

Check your Sump Pump Batteries & Alarms

Sump Pump Alarm and Battery

If your sump pump system fails, and the basement is about to flood, you'll want to know right away.  Luckily, high-quality modern sump pumps include alarms that sound off when the battery backup sump pump is running and when the water level rises too high.  In fact, some sump pump alarms can even be hooked up to home security systems!  This gives you time to respond to the problem before it gets out of hand - even if you're not home.

One of the first things a sump pump technician will do is check the batteries on your sump pump and battery backup alarm.  He'll also check the charge on your battery backup to make sure it's still ready to keep the battery backup pumping.  This way, you're still protected if there's a power outage, blown fuse, accidentally unplugged sump pump, or any other waterproofing catastrophe.

Smooth Operator

A Quality Sump Pump Liner Installed in Hartford, ConnecticutThink of your sump pump system like you would any other appliance in your home:  it's mechanical and has moving parts.  Sooner or later, it's going to break down.

To keep your sump pump running smoothly, it should be checked for clogs, dirt, and debris.  Sump pumps with screens can easily clog, and floating debris can jam sump pump float switches.  In many cases (especially when a sump pump is installed without a liner), the entire sump pit can simply fill with mud, forcing the sump to clog and burn out.

Once the sump pump and liner have been cleaned of all mud, the system should be flood-tested to ensure all drains and discharge pipes are working properly.

That's why Connecticut Basement Systems  has a full service team ready and waiting to service sump pumps in areas like New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford .  They'll clean out your sump pump, check your pump batteries, and flood test your entire system to make sure that everything is smooth and ready to go.  Call or contact them today to have your sump pump system and perimeter drain serviced!