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Product Explanation: Geo-Lock Foundation Wall Anchor System

Thursday, March 8th, 2018 by Sara Figueroa

Bowing or cracked walls in your home is scary for any homeowner. The most common cause for this problem is pressure from the foundation soils. When clay soil gets wet, it can expand and put great pressure on a wall. When this force exceeds the wall’s ability to resist, it can begin to crack or bow. 

Now that we know what causes a wall to crack or bow, what is the solution? Our Geo-Lock Foundation Wall Anchors address the problem by “gripping” the inside surface of the wall and countering that pressure.  

How does it work? First, a small hole in the soil is dug a few feet away from the foundation. A steel rod is then drilled through a 1 inch hole in the basement wall and is connected to an earth anchor that is placed deep in the hole.  Next, a discrete plate is placed on the interior of the basement wall which is secured to the rod. Lastly, the hole is backfilled and sod is replaced. Oila! Now that all components of the wall anchor system are connected and tightened, the basement wall is permanently stabilized!  

Product Explanation GeoLock Foundation Wall Anchor System - Image 1

The benefits of the Geo-Lock Foundation Wall Anchor System

  • 25 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Permanently stops inward movement of walls
  • Minimal disturbance to lawn and landscape
  • Potential to straighten walls over time 

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