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Product Explanation: SmartJacks

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 by Sara Figueroa

Sagging floors in a home are a sign of a foundation problems that can be a scary for any homeowner. The main cause of sagging floors is weak soil underneath the home. Our solution for sagging floors is to install SmartJacks to the crawl space of the home. SmartJacks are steel supports that level the floor joists in a crawl space. The support system can support loads of more than 60,000 pounds! 

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How do SmartJacks work?

A cube of soil is excavated at each SmartJack location. The hole is then filled with concrete or engineered fill of crushed stone. A custom-designed footing is set in place and leveled on top of the fill. Then, a high strength steel column is cut to the appropriate height of the crawl space. Next, all components are connected to the girder and the system is tightened in place. Oilah! The SmartJacks now stabilize the floors! 

SmartJacks are the best solution because it is: strong (supports loads of more than 60,000 lbs.), is adjustable and is the ONLY solution that addresses problem soils. To add even more security, the system can be installed using a zinc-plated steel girder to insure that the system will not be exposed to mold, moisture and wood rot.  

Do you need to address your sagging floors in your home? Give us a call to get a free, no obligation estimate on SmartJacks at 800-541-0487. 

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