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Doors and Windows That Stick: What Does It Mean and What Can You Do?

Thursday, April 20th, 2017 by Kellie Santiago

Do you have doors or windows that stick, jam and are hard to open and close? Do you have doors without functioning locks? These are telltale signs that there could be a problem with your foundation.

Some other ways that your doors and windows could be warning you about a problem with your foundation are:

  • Doors that don’t open or close properly
  • Windows that need extra force to open and close
  • Diagonal cracks that start at top corners of windows or door openings
  • Floors that are uneven, or dip and sag
  • Door and window openings that are out of square


Doors and Windows That Stick What Does It Mean and What Can You Do - Image 1Doors and Windows That Stick What Does It Mean and What Can You Do - Image 2

Doors and Windows That Stick What Does It Mean and What Can You Do - Image 3Doors and Windows That Stick What Does It Mean and What Can You Do - Image 4


While there are many issues that can lead to these problems, the two most common foundation related causes are settlement and issues with crawl space supports.

Settling Foundation

Uneven settlement of the soil underneath your home can cause sections of a foundation or slab to crack and shift, while other sections remain in their original positions. When this happens, the wood framing supported above the foundation is more likely to bend or twist. This results in off center openings for windows and doors or floors that dip. The drywall attached to wood framing is not as flexible so it’s more likely to crack – especially at the corners of windows and doors.

At Connecticut Basement Systems, we address these settlement issues by installing foundation piers. The piers extend into more supportive, stable soil and attach to the foundation. This repair prevents further settling and can even allow the foundation to be jacked up back to its original position.

Sinking Crawl Space Supports

All too often, crawl spaces aren’t designed correctly. They don’t have enough support columns; the floor joists or girders are rotting or they are built above weak supporting soils that cause the supports to sink.

As the supports sink, the floor that it supports will sink as well. And as that floor sinks, it will pull the walls downward, leaving cracks in your interior walls. All of this can contribute to doors and windows jamming or being hard to open and close.

We repair crawl space structural issues with crawl space support jacks. These supports will stop your floor from sinking and sagging. The adjustable jacks can also be modified to attempt to lift your walls and floors back to a level position.

It’s important to have a Foundation Repair Specialist look at your home and determine exactly what is causing your problem. We offer free, personal consultations to help you decide which repair solution is right for you. Each consultation includes an on-site inspection and free written estimate.

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