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Is Your Home Santa Ready?

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It's been said in most stories that Santa Claus comes down the chimney when he arrives the night before Christmas to deliver his gits. But what if you don't have a chimney, and he needs to sneak through the basement to get upstairs? Chances are, you want your basement to be nice, cozy, and warm for his arrival! Otherwise, he might think your house needs a little coal to warm up and get comfortable! Don't worry, we here at Connecticut Basement Systems have the perfect solutions to your problems, so your home will be ready just in the (Saint) Nick of time ;). 


Cold, concrete floors are definitely not something that make you think warm and cozy during the holidays. Because concrete is porous, ground moisture continually makes its way through, contributing to the humidity in your basement. Other products (ceramic, stone, or marble tile) are grouted to the concrete and are difficult and expensive to repair or replace. 


Instead of having Santa walk on this cold, unattractive floor, give us a call at Connecticut Basement Systems to install Thermaldry Flooring! Each ThermalDry Floor Tile has plastic pegs that it rests on top of. By doing so, a thermal break is created underneath, which makes your floor's surface 8-10°F warmer than the cold concrete surface below. These tiles also allow air to circulate underneath, facilitating the drying of trapped moisture. Having a vapor barrier and good air circulation are crucial components to long-lasting beauty and most importantly, value of your basement! With floors like these, there's no way Santa will put you on the naughty list.


Most basements are finished with drywall and fiberglass batt insulation. This type of walling supports mold growth, will damage from moisture, and will lose insulation value when wet.  Even materials such as drywall, latex paint, wallpaper, wood, and fiberglass resins all contain organic materials that can grow mold and be damaged by moisture. Basements are very unique spaces, with their very own set of challenges, 


Our Everlast Basement Wall Panels, however, will not do any of these things! Made from 2.5 inch thick rigid foam insulation with 0.5 inch thick cement board cladding, these walls will never succumb to mold damage or rot! They also support heavy items such a televisions, wall paintings, and mirrors. Best of all? They install in one to two days. Now, instead of Santa looking at scary, concrete walls when he walks in, he can see a warm, welcoming space to eat his milk and cookies in. 

There you have it! Two full proof solutions that will definitely make Santa want to hang out in your house, have some cookies, and leave you and your family some pretty great gifts to wake up to Christmas morning! If you want to be on the nice list, give us a call this holiday season, and we'll get your basement looking beautiful! 

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