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Getting Smart With: Sagging Crawl Spaces

If you have uneven or "springy" floors in your home  in rooms situated above your crawl space, then there is a high probability your crawl space is sagging or sinking. As you might expect, a sagging floor above a crawl space can pose a serious threat to the overall structure and longevity of your home. 

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A sagging crawl space can usually be explained in three ways.

What causes a crawl space to sag or sink in the first place? While only an inspection can tell, there are three common causes:

-The support columns in the crawl space are spaced too far apart. This causes uneven distribution of the weight of the floor above, resulting in that worrisome sinking feeling.

-Joists, girders, and posts are rotting and weakened (since they are usually made from organic materials like wood that rot when exposed to water and humidity.)

-The columns are settling because of weak soil and footings.

Don't Be Fooled By An Easy, Short-Term Fix!

Your goal should be to find a permanent solution over a quick fix. You don't want to be stuck having to deal with the problem more than once.

We Offer Powerful and Permanent Solutions!

Our SmartJack Crawl Space Support System helps to restore stability to your crawl space. The SmartJack system addresses all three crawl space issues: uneven weight distribution, rotting joists and posts, and weak soil and footings. In fact, this is the only crawl space support jack in the industry that addresses the sunken soil problem.

Advantages of our SmartJack System

-Supports loads of more than 60,000 lbs!

-Galvanized for corrosion resistance: the zinc coating will protect it from rusting.

-Easy installation for limited-access crawl spaces.

-Compatible with a crawl space vapor barrier system. (Click here to learn about our full line of crawl space encapsulation products!)

-Can be adjusted over time, if necessary to provide additional straightening and leveling action.  

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Let Us Help You!

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