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What To Do With Your Foundation Wall Crack

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 by Danielle Lariviere

There are a couple telltale signs to help you identify what kind of problem you've got on your hands. Here are some of the main indications of a potentially problematic foundation!

Horizontal or vertical wall crack

"Stair-step" or diagonal cracking

Bulging, buckling foundation walls

Pushing in at the bottom of the wall

Sliding in at the top of the wall

Permanent, Patented and Warrantied! 

Foundation piers are an industry leading method used to stabilize and restore structural integrity to your impaired foundation. These are great because they are not only a permanent solution, they can also be installed year round and offer your stability and peace of mind knowing your problem will be a thing in the past after installation. There are two different foundation piers we use here at Connecticut Basement Systems.

What To Do With Your Foundation Wall Crack - Image 1

Push Piers

Steel brackets are driven deep below your home and connect the home to stable, load-bearing soil or bedrock beneath the earth's surface. This will help restore your foundation back to its original position. Some benefits of the push piers are...

-They can be installed inside or outside the foundation year round.

-They do not require any use of heavy equipment, and the repair is not visible after installation is complete!

-Push piers reach grander depths than any other method out there on the market.

-Comes with a 25-year warranty against manufacturer's defects, as well as our own in-house performance warranty.

Helical Piers

Its distinctive design shows your how these piers stabilize a compromised foundation. The "helical" plates welded to the shaft of the pier are engineered to tunnel and stick into the soil when the pier is installed. Some benefits of the helical piers are...

-They can be installed inside or outside the foundation year round.

-Has the ability to stabilize and restore light and heavy structures.

-Can lift the foundation back to its original position permanently because its round shaft has a high resistance to bending and being forced by soils.


If you would like a foundation pier installation quote, or are unsure if your cracked foundation is at risk, give us a call today at Connecticut Basement Systems! Our quotes are always free and come at no obligation. They include an on-site inspection, free consultation and a complimentary copy of our 96-page, color foundation repair book. 

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