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Solutions for Bowing Walls

Cracks in your foundation walls can sometimes go much deeper than the surface and should be taken seriously. Bowing, or inward leaning foundation walls are also cause for concern. The risk of putting off repairing cracked foundations or walls that tilt is that you could get to the point where the actual foundation has to be removed and rebuilt. Here at Connecticut Basement Systems we want to help you avoid that extreme state and preserve your home for years to come. We have a multitude of solutions for problematic foundations and foundation walls.  These solutions can stop the damage and, depending on the severity of the issue, may even get your walls back to their original position.

Geo-Lock Anchors for Bowing Wall Repair

When dealing with bowing walls, our experts recommend our Geo-Lock Wall Anchors. This solution is a far better alternative to having your basement and retaining walls replaced. The Geo-Lock system provides the best chance to straighten foundation walls without the steep price of replacement, but also at considerable less disruption.

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Long Lasting, Tough, and Forceful!

GeoLock Wall Anchors are heavy-duty, galvanized earth anchors that are embedded into the soil out away from the foundation wall. 

-This system of wall anchors will retard the bowing or tilting and can potentially restore your walls back to their original vertical position.

-Most installations are completed within 1 day and can be scheduled all four seasons of the year.

-Once installed, the wall anchors do not require any maintenance and are very easy to concel if you decide to remodel your basement. The net benefit to you is restored property value and a usable basement! 

Because of the need to access the earth outside the foundation, some homeowners have property line issues that eliminate the wall anchor system as an option. Fortunately, we have more than one solution to your bowing walls that work just as well, and don't disrupt the outside earth!


Immediately and Permanently!

Our PowerBrace Wall Repair System is a patented product that is a foundation wall reinforcement solution that effectively stabilizes your basement walls and foundation.Solutions for Bowing Walls - Image 2

-Heavy-duty, zinc-plated steel beams are custom fit to your basement wall height and are anchored to your basement floor and floor joists. Its zinc coating makes it rust resistant and ensures a clean, neat look in your basement.

-They can be tightened over time to make bowing or tilting walls progressively straighter and more vertical as time goes on.

-This wall brace system can help restore your home's property value, and in most cases the job can be completed in just one day!

-25- year warranty against manufacturing defects!


Give us a call today at Connecticut Basement Systems to schedule a free foundation wall repair quote. Each of our estimates includes a no-obligation written price quote, an on-site consultation, and a copy of our 96-page full-color book "Foundation Repair Science."

All of our foundation professionals are expertly trained and deal with cracked and bowing walls every day!

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