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Yearly Maintenance: Have it Done Before it's Too Late!

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 by Danielle Lariviere

In the past, you had your Triple Safe Sump Pump, and SaniDry dehumidifier installed and you love them! They keep your basement dry and you can finally make use of your below-grade space. 

Scheduling yearly maintenance for your sump pump and dehumidifier is vital in ensuring your systems are running properly. It is quick and will save you a lot of headache and money if mother nature brings some unexpected weather to your area.Yearly Maintenance Have it Done Before its Too Late - Image 1

Sump Pump Service

If you've had your TripleSafe Sump Pump for over a year and have been through the maintenance procedure, you know how easy and reassuring it is! If you haven't, no worries! We will walk you through the steps.

First, our expert technician will test and clean your sump pump system. Your sump pump is a hydro-mechanical device submerged in water; a checkup and cleaning once a year is critical in making sure it functions properly. Then, the batteries in your WaterWatch Sump Pump Alarm will be replaced and tested to make sure it is maintaining a proper charge.

Finally, our service technician will check for other potential problems on the exterior and interior of your home and suggest upgrades that might be critical to keeping your home dry and comfortable. Our whiz team is always developing the product line further, so we want to make sure you are up to date with the latest and greatest waterproofing products out there!

(To see a detailed step by step TripleSafe Maintenance procedure click here!)

SaniDry Dehumidifier Service

Your SaniDry can endure a lot of a years' worth of filtering and working relentlessly to keep your space dry from humidity. Like all the rest of our maintenance procedures, it is hassle-free.  You can rest comforting knowing your system is preforming at maximum potential.

During our maintenance visit, our certified service technician will clean the pre-filter and replace the air filter. Inside parts will be inspected and the outside will be oiled to maintain the look it had on the very first day you had it installed! Next, the discharge line will be checked to ensure that the water is moving through the discharge line without problems.

Finally, your service technician will check for emerging issues that might now have been present before. From there they can suggest and or provide solutions that will tackle these problems.

Annual maintenance is so important to ensure the system is in good working order and to protect your investment. Click here or give Connecticut Basement Systems a call today to schedule your annual maintenance.